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Companies specialising in air, gas & odour control on Enviropro. Helping you find the best supplier for your project.

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  • CSO Technik: Terminodour odour control for waste transfer station
    CSO Technik: Catalytic iron and carbon filters for final polishing
    CSO Technik: Desulphurisation odour control system, Lanelli WWTW
    CSO Technik: Biogas desulphurisation odour control system
    CSO Technik: Odour treatment within a storm tank and a wet well
    CSO Technik: Odour control system for paint spraying

    CSO Technik

    CSO Technik is a privately owned limited company providing equipment and services in the fields of air pollution, waste water treatment and anaerobic digestion. The company manufactures a range of equipment in its own right and distributes complimentary products for other companies. Based in Edenbridge, UK, CSO Technik is active throughout the UK...
    Chequers Barn, Chequers Hill, Bough Beech, Edenbridge, TN8 7PD
    Phone: 01732 700011  Fax: 01732 701050  Visit website
  • Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Metro MF200 high temperature diesel exhaust filter units
    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Cat-trap MF300 Series Diesel Engine Exhaust Filter
    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Donaldson Torit® DCE® Dryflo® mist collector
    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Donaldson Torit® DCE® WSO mist collectors
    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Donaldson Torit® DCE® Unimaster dust collector
    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd: Extracting overspray dust from zinc thermal spraying

    Health and Safety Engineering Ltd

    HSE has been supplying dust and fume extraction equipment for over 25 years. The company has extensive experience in a wide range of applications across the whole industry sector, and is able to supply complete turnkey packages and ensure that every installation is right first time. Filter systems are designed to give significant energy savings in...
    Unit 11a, Ascot Industrial Estate, Lenton Street, Sandiacre, Nottingham, NG10 5DJ
    Phone: 0870 421 4206  Fax: 0870 421 4207  Visit website
  • Corgin Ltd: Totex solutions for waste and wastewater applications
    Corgin Ltd: Odour and dust control at energy-from-waste facility
    Corgin Ltd: AtomisterHyflo dust suppression system
    Corgin Ltd: Rapid response to environmental emergencies
    Corgin Ltd: MistCannons help suppress dust plume at UK steelworks
    Corgin Ltd: Rapid cooling of data centre servers with AtomisterHydro

    Corgin Ltd

    Estabished in 2001, Corgin is an environmental solutions provider based in the UK. The company specialises in providing working technologies to meet the environmental needs of the waste, wastewater and industrial sectors. Technologies include: odour control and dust suppresion; aeration and mixing; sludge thickening, dewatering and filtration...
    Bellasis Street, Stafford, ST16 3DD
    Phone: 01785 229300  Fax: 01785 229395  Visit website
  • International Gas Detectors: Ammonia gas detection in refrigeration plant
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIn 150 Series Sampler
    International Gas Detectors: Oxygen gas detection solutions for laboratory complex
    International Gas Detectors: TOC-30 Safe Area Gas Detector
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 640 Addressable Control Panel with Detector
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 102 Thermal Conductivity Gas Detector

    International Gas Detectors

    Established in 1919, International Gas Detectors (IGD) develop, manufacture and market a complete range of gas detection products designed to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications. IGD have the resource to provide initial consultancy, through system design to installation of gas detection...
    Triton House, Crosby Street, Stockport, SK2 6SH
    Phone: 0161 483 1415  Fax: 0161 484 2345  Visit website
  • Plymovent: Oil mist extraction, ball bearing manufacturing process
    Plymovent: ControlPro for automated extraction systems control
    Plymovent: SCS self-cleaning central filter for welding fumes
    Plymovent: MistEliminator modular oil-mist removal filter system
    Plymovent: MobilePro self-cleaning cartridge filter
    Plymovent: MultiDust® Bank (MDB) air filtration unit


    Plymovent is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. Dutch owned, with offices in Breda and Alkmaar in the Netherlands, Plymovent has subsidiaries in six countries. In the UK, Plymovent products are distributed through a network of authorised distributors on a regional...
    Postbus 9350, 1800 GJ Alkmaar, Koraalstraat 9, 1812 RK Alkmaar, Holland
    Phone: +31 (0)72 7504 600  Fax: +31 (0)72 5644 469  Visit website
  • Sensors: TOC-10 domestic flammable gas detector - LPG
    Sensors: TOC-10 domestic flammable gas detector - methane
    Sensors: PGF-10 gas safety proving unit
    Sensors: TOC-20 CO2 gas monitor, incl. humidity and temperature
    Sensors: TOC-20 HCFC refrigerant gas monitor
    Sensors: TOC-625 110/230V AC system controller


    Sensors Ltd has been established since 1976 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oliver IGD Limited- specialists in gas detection. Following the development of building management systems to their current highly computerised level the company has expanded and developed their product range to meet the requirements of this expanding industry. From...
    4a Pepper Road, Stockport, SK7 5BW
    Phone: 0161 483 1415  Visit website
  • Dustech Engineering: Pulse jet filters
    Dustech Engineering: Venturi scrubbers
    Dustech Engineering: Large diameter cyclone separators
    Dustech Engineering: Centrifugal separators

    Dustech Engineering

    Since 1977 Dustech Engineering has specialised in the design, development and installation of industrial air pollution control equipment....
    162 Chiltern Drive, Surbiton, KT5 8LS
    Phone: 020 8399 9991  Fax: 020 8390 2004  Visit website
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR GFx320 infrared camera for detecting gas emissions
    Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR GF320 infrared gas leak camera

    Inspectahire Instrument Company

    Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, INSPECTAHIRE is one of the leading suppliers of specialist remote visual inspection technology and solutions to companies around the world. Inspectahire has a large range of technology in their portfolio as well as significant experience in successfully carrying out specialist inspections. Services include equipment...
    Units 10-12, Whitemyres Business Centre, Whitemyres Avenue, Aberdeen, AB16 6HQ
    Phone: 01224 789692  Fax: 01224 789462  Visit website
  • Sulzer Pumps Wastewater UK: HST Turbocompressors
    Sulzer Pumps Wastewater UK: Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA

    Sulzer Pumps Wastewater UK

    ABS Group founded in 1860 is a global solution provider in wastewater and dewatering technology with a complete product portfolio of pumps, mixers, agitators, aerators, compressors and control & monitoring equipment. The world-wide network of ABS sales, service and manufacturing units, representatives, agents and distributors demonstrates strong...
    5th Floor, Astral Towers, Betts Way, Crawley, RH10 9UY
    Phone: 0870 608 0123  Fax: 01293 527972  Visit website
  • Drayton Tank & Accessories: GRP tank covers

    Drayton Tank & Accessories

    Drayton Tank produces one of the largest range of water tanks and chemical storage tanks in the UK. The extensive range of storage tanks includes water tanks suitable for drinking water, rain water, chemical and grey or waste water. Drayton also offers one of the largest ranges of storage tank solutions in the UK for both above and below ground...
    3 Crown House, Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BZ
    Phone: 0871 288 4213  Fax: 0871 288 4214  Visit website
  • PlastOk Group: Needle felt and fabric filter bags

    PlastOk Group

    PlastOk (Meshes and Filtration) Ltd is part of the PlastOk Group of companies, and specialises in liquid filtration equipment for the chemical, process, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. The company has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of liquid filtration equipment. Typical products include bag, cartridge and...
    75–79 Market Street, Birkenhead, CH41 6AN
    Phone: 0151 647 4579  Fax: 0151 647 3641  Visit website
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Blowers for pressure (exhauster) and vacuum duties
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Blowers hire for planned and unplanned capacity

    Aquatreat Environmental Products

    Aquatreat Environmental Group is a specialist process and mechanical engineering company providing design and site services to industry. The company philosophy is to use its core skills to provide the complete support service for its range of high quality products. All products have been specifically developed to provide unrivalled performance...
    Unit F3, Holly Farm Business Park, Honiley, Kenilworth, CV8 1NP
    Phone: 01926 484006  Fax: 0700 598 0416  Visit website
  • Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® floating covers

    Aquasystems International NV

    Aquasystems International specialises in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of aeration, mixing, decanting and scum removal systems for waste water treatment. It is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for the industrial and municipal markets with over 9,500...
    4a Beechfield Avenue, Wilmslow, SK9 6LX
    Phone: 01625 531944  Fax: 01625 537477  Visit website
  • Enduratank: Dust suppression units (200-13,000L)


    One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributers of polyethylene products, Enduramaxx uses the highest grade materials and the latest in rotational moulded, UV stabilisation technologies, ensuring durability with a smooth interior to help resist bacteria growth. Enduratank manufacture a range of storage tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres. These...
    Outgang Road, The Fen, Baston, Peterborough, PE6 9PT
    Phone: 01778 562810  Fax: 01778 560942  Visit website
  • Atlas Copco: MED medical air unit
    Atlas Copco: GA 37-90 VSD rotary screw compressor
    Atlas Copco: EWD condensate drains
    Atlas Copco: Planned maintenance service packages
    Atlas Copco: Air energy audits
    Atlas Copco: ZS 18-132 oil-free screw air blower

    Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco in the United Kingdom handles the sales and marketing of compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial power tools and assembly systems - all backed up by a nationwide sales, distribution, service and maintenance network. The company provides oil-free and oil-injected stationary air compressors, portable air...
    Swallowdale Lane, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7EA
    Phone: 0845 601 0001  Fax: 01442 234791  Visit website