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  • Aquabio: AMBR™ membrane bioreactor
    AMBR™ membrane bioreactor
    Aquabio’s AMBR™ system uses high crossflow to achieve high flux rates. Plants are lower in capital cost and extremely compact with very low membrane area and hence reduced membrane replacement costs. The membrane banks are...
  • Aquabio: Reverse osmosis system
    Reverse osmosis system
    Working in conjunction with our AMBR or AMBR LE technologies, Aquabio’s RO plants provide demineralised water which can be used in boilers or other non-food contact reuse applications. Further combined with UV technology,...
  • Mettler-Toledo: InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor
    InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor
    Based on a chemo-optical measurement principle, the InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor offers significant advantages for the biopharm industry. High operational availability, combined with excellent measurement quality,...
  • Mettler-Toledo: M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter
    M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter
    The M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter features advanced ISM (intelligent sensor management) technology and supports pH/ORP, oxygen and conductivity measurements. Intelligent systems for pH and oxygen sensors...
  • Flowline Systems: Flo-Dar open channel flowmeters
    Flo-Dar open channel flowmeters
    Flowline Systems
    Flo-Dar open channel flowmeters combine digital doppler radar velocity sensing technology with ultrasonic pulse echo level sensing to remotely measure open channel flows. They are suitable for use in difficult flow...
  • Flowline Systems: MagFlo® electromagnetic in-line flowmeters
    MagFlo® electromagnetic in-line flowmeters
    Flowline Systems
    MagFlo® electromagnetic in-line flowmeters are currently used in the food, beverage, chemical, paper and pulp, steel, and water treatment industries. They are suitable for measuring liquids with an electric conductivity of...
  • Flowline Systems: Minisonic P portable flowmeters
    Minisonic P portable flowmeters
    Flowline Systems
    Minisonic P portable flowmeters have non-invasive external probes that clamp on to the pipe. They are suitable for measuring gas and liquid flows such as potable or raw water, sewage, chemical products, and refined or raw...
  • Flowline Systems: TA thermal flow sensors
    TA thermal flow sensors
    Flowline Systems
    TA thermal flow sensors have a thin-film sensor element and can measure both low and high velocities. They are suitable for use with clean gases and gas mixtures, such as air, nitrogen, methane, natural gas, argon, carbon...
  • Flowline Systems: UF322CO ultrasonic rivers and open channel flowmeter
    UF322CO ultrasonic rivers and open channel flowmeter
    Flowline Systems
    Measuring Rivers and Open Channel flows using the "Time of Flight" Ultrasonic principle is well established and traceable to International Standards BS 3680 - ISO 6416.
  • Edinburgh Instruments: Gascard NG infrared gas sensors
    Gascard NG infrared gas sensors
    Edinburgh Instruments
    The Gascard NG has been recently introduced to the Gascard range of OEM infrared gas sensors. It provides detection and measurement for many gases and features improved functionality, future extendibility and configuration...
  • Applied Weighing International: Dynamic check weighers
    Dynamic check weighers
    Applied Weighing International
    High-speed dynamic check weighers are built to withstand the rigours of industrial and packhouse conditions. Manufactured in stainless steel as standard. A wide range of interface and communication options are available.
  • Applied Weighing International: Safemount® load assemblies
    Safemount® load assemblies
    Applied Weighing International
    The Safemount® range of load assemblies is designed for smaller hoppers, vessel and tank weighing applications. Incorporates a fully welded stainless steel or tool steel load cell: capacity 3500-40,000kg; designed for harsh...
  • Applied Weighing International: Low-profile platform scales
    Low-profile platform scales
    Applied Weighing International
    Low-profile platform scales are designed for process weighing applications: sizes: 750x750 to 2500x2500mm; stainless steel or painted mild steel construction; 600-6000kg capacity; four precision load cells; leveling feet;...
  • Fullbrook Systems: Turbiscan colloidal stability analyser
    Turbiscan colloidal stability analyser
    Fullbrook Systems
    Turbiscan equipment offers stability and ageing analysis of concentrated colloidal systems. The on-line systems detect early changes in particle size and concentration without dilution. Turbiscans optical sensor consists of...
  • Fullbrook Systems: AST100 viscosity control
    AST100 viscosity control
    Fullbrook Systems
    The in-line AST100 is a versatile instrument that helps users with viscosity control in their process. It is easy to install, cleans-in-place and has no moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. Options are available for...