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  • Wehrle Environmental: Activated carbon adsorption
    Activated carbon adsorption
    Wehrle Environmental
    An activated carbon unit may be required in case the COD/AOX after the biology does not meet the treatment requirements. That is the case if the COD consists largely of non-biodegradable organic compounds which cannot be...
  • Envitech: AlgSys Guard fixed site in-line algae monitor
    AlgSys Guard fixed site in-line algae monitor
    The bbe AlgaeGuard continuously measures chlorophyll fluorescence of microalgae in real time, and shows current results on an integrated display. In contrast to time-consuming sample preparations and counting, the...
  • Festo: VZWM-L directional control solenoid valves
    VZWM-L directional control solenoid valves
    VZWM-L directional control solenoid valves operate with diaphragm technology and differential pressure. They have an armature tube for fitting a solenoid coil of your choice: indirectly controlled poppet valve with diaphragm...
  • George Fischer Sales: CONTAIN-IT Plus system for industrial applications
    CONTAIN-IT Plus system for industrial applications
    George Fischer Sales
    CONTAIN-It Plus is a double containment plastic piping system ideal for minimising personal and environmental risks within industrial applications. Regulations already in effect or governmental ordinances can dictate double...
  • Liquid Dynamics International: SurgeGuard surge alleviators
    SurgeGuard surge alleviators
    Liquid Dynamics International
    SurgeGuard surge alleviators prevent water hammer produced by fast valve closure. When the valve is closed too quickly, normally all the liquid would have to suddenly stop. SurgeGuard surge alleviators provides a space into...
  • Britannia Kitchen Ventilation: Ecostream advanced filtration unit for extract canopies
    Ecostream advanced filtration unit for extract canopies
    Britannia Kitchen Ventilation
    Ecostream is an advanced filtration unit that is an ideal partner to both conventional and UV kitchen ventilation canopies. Used in conjunction with Ultrastream UV, Ecostream will achieve the best possible final result when...
  • Environmental Dynamics International: PermaCap 5™ coarse bubble diffuser
    PermaCap 5™ coarse bubble diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International
    The PermaCap 5™coarse bubble diffuser offers greater air capacity and oxygen transfer efficiency than small-diaphragm diffusers. Its large, 5-inch diameter allows for maximum air distribution. Maximum orifice spacing...
  • Environmental Dynamics International: MaxAir™ SS stainless steel diffuser
    MaxAir™ SS stainless steel diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International
    EDIs MaxAir SS diffuser provides broad band, coarse bubble aeration, giving high mixing efficiency. The uniformity of the air release and mixing efficiency of the diffuser is maintained over the entire operating range of the...
  • Masons Mortar: Natural hydraulic lime
    Natural hydraulic lime
    Masons Mortar
    Masons Mortar supplies natural hydraulic limes that allow for the sympathetic repair of masonry backgrounds. Hydraulic lime will set in damp conditions, and will develop an earlier resistance to frost than non-hydraulic lime...
  • Euroby: Centrifuge maintenance and refurbishment
    Centrifuge maintenance and refurbishment
    Euroby offers a comprehensive range of centrifuge services including on site servicing, repairs and refurbishment. The company also offers services for decommissioning, re-installation and commissioning. On site servicing is...
  • Shawcity: PHD6 multi-gas monitor
    PHD6 multi-gas monitor
    With the capability to measure up to 6 gases in one compact personal portable monitor the PHD6 gives unrivalled protection. There are 18 different sensor options making it the most configurable gas detector on the market. A...
  • Higgins & Hewins: EPAC series solids incinerator
    EPAC series solids incinerator
    Higgins & Hewins
    The Epac series of solids incinerators has been designed to accommodate the problem of providing a safe and effective solution to solid waste disposal in remote and environmentally sensitive locations. Controlled air in the...
  • Precolor Sales: GRP sectional tanks
    GRP sectional tanks
    Precolor Sales
    Sectional water tanks are used for the storage of large volumes of cold water and are suitable for both potable and non-potable use. The panels in sectional water tanks are made from the composite material GRP (Glass...
  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Membrane filtration
    Membrane filtration
    Colloide Engineering Systems
    Colloide Engineering provides membrane filtration systems that are designed, built and commissioned to the clients needs. Applications include: Colour removal in potable water Crypto barrier for potable water Effluent...
  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Deep bed sand filter system
    Deep bed sand filter system
    Colloide Engineering Systems
    Colloides deep bed filter systems are a high-performing and reliable solution for wastewater treatment. Each tertiary filter is engineered to meet the performance requirements of individual wastewater treatment plants. These...