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  • J.A.M.: Water leak detection - systems design, make, install
    J.A.M.: ZLM-500 zoned locating module for cable monitoring
    J.A.M.: iZ-T25 touchscreen control panel for multiple detectors
    J.A.M.: i-Zone Mini control panel multi-zone water leak detector
    J.A.M.: STDi-24 point of use conductive water detector
    J.A.M.: IRDi-24 point of use infrared oil detector


    J.A.M. is a leading manufacturer and installer of Aqualarm leak detection systems throughout the UK, Europe and most of the world. The company's skilled sales team designs reliable and cost effective systems computer suites; IT / server rooms; dealer floors; data centres; hotels; kitchen/toilet and vending areas; hospitals (MRI / plant rooms)...
    39 Brook Road, Rayleigh, SS6 7XJ
    Phone: 01268 777222  Fax: 01268 777221  Visit website
  • Warden Biomedia: Biofil 135m²/m³ - plastic random biological filter media
    Warden Biomedia: Bioball 220m²/m³ - plastic random trickling filter media
    Warden Biomedia: Biomarble 310m²/m³ - plastic biological filter media
    Warden Biomedia: Biopipe 600m²/m³ - MBBR / IFAS biological filter media
    Warden Biomedia: Biopipe+ 500m²/m³ - MBBR and IFAS filter media
    Warden Biomedia: Bioflo+ 800m²/m³ - MBBR and IFAS filter media

    Warden Biomedia

    At Warden Biomedia, we design, manufacture and supply Random Biological Filter Media to improve aerobic treatment across the full range of applications - from the largest municipal sewage treatment plant down to a garden fishpond. With the philosophy of increased surface area, the eco-friendly trickling filter and biological filter media are...
    31 Sundon Industrial Estate, Dencora Way, Luton, LU3 3HP
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  • Applied Weighing International: Dynamic check weighers
    Applied Weighing International: Low-profile platform scales
    Applied Weighing International: Teleonix 2 telemetry system for remote monitoring
    Applied Weighing International: Safemount® load assemblies
    Applied Weighing International: 920i programmable weight indicator / controller
    Applied Weighing International: Baby Safemount® loading assemblies

    Applied Weighing International

    Offers a wide range of industrial weighing systems and services. Tailor-made solutions can be made to clients' weighing requirements on a very fast turnaround. All equipment is manufactured in the UK, and process weighing load cells carry a 5-year warranty: load cells; load assemblies for vessel and tank weighing; platform scales; checkweighers...
    Unit 4-8, Southview Park, Marsack Street, Caversham, Reading, RG4 5AF
    Phone: 0118 946 1900  Fax: 0118 946 1862  Visit website
  • GEMÜ Valves: Sterile valve applications - eye ointment production
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 490 - PFA lined butterfly valve with bare shaft
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 490 butterfly valves in Wastewater Treatment Plant
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 491 - PFA lined butterfly valve, pneumatic actuator
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ PFA lined butterfly valves for API pharmaceuticals
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 497 - PFA lined butterfly valve, manual actuator

    GEMÜ Valves

    GEMÜ is a leading manufacturer of valves, measurement and control systems for liquids, vapours and gases. Global market leader in solutions for sterile applications. Founded in 1964; family-owned; six manufacturing locations; 1900 employees....
    10 Olympic Way, Birchwood, Warrington, WA2 0YL
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  • Hydroklear Services: Liquid discharge monitors
    Hydroklear Services: Multi-media liquid filtration system
    Hydroklear Services: Reverse osmosis liquid filtration system
    Hydroklear Services: Demineraliser plant
    Hydroklear Services: Powder and dry polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services: Liquid polymer preparation systems

    Hydroklear Services

    Hydroklear is an independent company, formed to meet the demands of the industrial and municipal market sectors for a comprehensive water and effluent treatment capability. Hydroklear offers a full range of products and services, from turnkey projects to pragmatic advice, and from chemicals to plant operation and maintenance. In designing systems...
    Unit 1, Riverside Place, Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Riverside Place, Kilbirnie, KA25 7PW
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  • Ozcon Environmental: Large-scale ozone generators: 1 to 20 kg/h
    Ozcon Environmental: Medium-scale ozone generators: 250g/h to 1kg/h
    Ozcon Environmental: All-in-one ozone generators: 80 to 200g/h
    Ozcon Environmental: Kitchen ozone generators
    Ozcon Environmental: HORECA T Series duct type electrostatic precipitator
    Ozcon Environmental: Commercial plasma air purifier - up to 1000m3/h

    Ozcon Environmental

    Ozcon is a cleantech company that manufactures and develops high-quality systems and solutions based on Ozone Generator and Electrostatic Precipitator technology to purify, disinfect and deodorize our air and limited source of water. We offer state-of-the-art technology, unique on the market due to its efficiency, reliability, low energy...
    128 Morville Street, Birmingham, B16 8FJ
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  • Hawker Electronics: DC1-P DC powered conductivity liquid level control
    Hawker Electronics: E13A multi-electrode holder
    Hawker Electronics: Flexicap capacitive level control probe
    Hawker Electronics: LS1 level switch for non-conducting liquids and powders
    Hawker Electronics: Sondaloop ultrasonic transmitter for level measurement
    Hawker Electronics: Type 920 Auto Sequencer for two pumps

    Hawker Electronics

    Hawker Electronics Ltd was founded in 1964 to manufacture products to provide level control and indication for liquids and free-flowing powder and granular products. Over many years Hawker has become well known for level control, supplying to a diverse market, particularly the water and wastewater sector. The environmental, chemical...
    57 The Avenue, Rubery Industrial Estate, Birmingham, B45 9AL
    Phone: 0121 453 8911  Fax: 0121 453 3777  Visit website
  • Prochem Services: Pulsation dampers for dosing pumps
    Prochem Services: Series 2100 suction demand valves (SDV)
    Prochem Services: Calipot series calibration vessels for dosing pumps
    Prochem Services: 1100 Series pressure relief valves
    Prochem Services: Injection lances
    Prochem Services: Pinch type on/off, pressure relief/loading valves

    Prochem Services

    Prochem Services is a well established and respected company specialising in corrosion resistant valves and equipment specifically design for handling extremely aggressive chemicals. The company's considerable experience in these fields has enabled it to develop products which are used extensively throughout a broad range of industries and they...
    Washford Mill, Mill Street, Congleton, CW12 2AD
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  • Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Activated sludge treatment
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Sequential batch reactors
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Submerged aerated media plant
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Membrane bioreactors
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Puriflo packaged dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: DAF system for poultry processing unit at organic farm

    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering

    Puriflo, a division of ESE Engineering (UK) LLP, specialises in the design and installation of cost-effective plant for the management of industrial effluent and sewage. Since its formation, Puriflo has provided wastewater management solutions throughout the UK and abroad. The company's team offers a complete turnkey package, from initial testing...
    14 Cowley Road, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole, BH17 0UJ
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  • Heathland Group: AquaAir diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: AirEco diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: AirPro diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: Shallow Pond diffused aerator
    Heathland Group: Solar AquaAir solar-powered diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: Torrent floating lake aerator
    Heathland Group: Volcano II floating lake aerator

    Heathland Group


    8 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY
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  • Wilo: Rexa FIT submersible sewage pump
    Wilo: Rexa PRO submersible sewage pump
    Wilo: EMU TR 14… – TR 28…miniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR 22… – TR 40… uniprop submersible mixers,
    Wilo: EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1...uniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR(E) 212… – TR(E) 326… maxi- / megaprop mixers


    Since 1872, we at Wilo have been turning visionary ideas into intelligent solutions that regularly set new standards in the industry. The goal of our company founder, Louis Oplander, was to use his copper and brass goods factory to improve and facilitate the supply of water and heat to people. He did this with great success: in 1928, he designed...
    Second Avenue, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2WJ
    Phone: 01283 523000  Fax: 01283 523099  Visit website
  • Bio-Oxygen Europe: MK10HO electron generator for industrial odour removal
    Bio-Oxygen Europe: MK10IA Bio-Oxygen - air sterilisation and odour control
    Bio-Oxygen Europe: Eliminating airborne H2S and ammonia by 100%
    Bio-Oxygen Europe: Bio-Oxygen mould reduction in food processing
    Bio-Oxygen Europe: Bio-Oxygen in Chicken Processing - Odour & Sterilisation
    Bio-Oxygen Europe: Bio-Oxygen - Clean Air, Surface & Air Sterilisation

    Bio-Oxygen Europe

    Bio-Oxygen Europe is a UK based air sterilisation and purification specialist, providing air sterilisation and odour control for a wide range of building services, industrial and commercial applications including but not limited to: food processing; livestock; factories; water & sewerage treatment plants; abattoirs & rendering; hospitals...
    December Barn, Coombe Hall Park, East Grinstead, RH19 4JJ
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  • Runners Sliding Door Systems: Greenoak opts for multirail™ overhead runway system
    Runners Sliding Door Systems: Bespoke overhead conveyor system for joinery works
    Runners Sliding Door Systems: multirail™ overhead runway system
    Runners Sliding Door Systems: Multirail Auto overhead conveyor system
    Runners Sliding Door Systems: Multirail Basic Kit - overhead runway system

    Runners Sliding Door Systems

    Runners have progressively developed a range of sliding door systems using our high quality sliding door gear and sliding door hardware unparalleled for their durability, versatility and simplicity. Using only the highest quality materials, our systems are built to last, easy to install and offer the best value for money. With a system to suit any...
    Signal Hill, Lenborough, Gawcott, Buckingham, MK18 4BU
    Phone: 01280 822288  Fax: 01280 813024  Visit website
  • Polypipe Civils: Polysewer UPVC adoptable sewer pipes 150-300mm
    Polypipe Civils: Polysewer PVCu gravity sewer pipe fittings
    Polypipe Civils: Ridgisewer high-strength polypropylene pipe fittings

    Polypipe Civils

    Polypipe Civils is the UK's leading manufacturer of surface water drainage, sewerage, cable protection systems and water management solutions, serving the utilities, construction, civil engineering, agricultural and sports and leisure markets....
    Charnwood Business Park, North Road, Loughborough, LE11 1LE
    Phone: 01509 615100  Fax: 01509 610215  Visit website
  • Cowens: Containment booms
    Cowens: Portable bunds for tanks and IBCs


    Cowens Ltd has over 190 years of experience, and provides solutions for health, safety and environmental issues. Pollution control hardware (bunds, booms, skimmers, pumps, separators, tanks, forecourt and by-pass interceptors, oil detection) and spill clean-up consumables are available. Cowens is also a Level 3 Accredited oil spill response...
    Ellers Mill, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7QJ
    Phone: 01228 710205  Visit website