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  • Crest Pumps Group: AM Range - Magnetic Drive Chemical Pumps
    Crest Pumps Group: PSP1 dry run protection monitor
    Crest Pumps Group: AMX Range - Magnetic Drive Chemical Pump
    Crest Pumps Group: AMA Range - Magnetic Drive Chemical Pump
    Crest Pumps Group: AMXi Range - Magnetic Drive Chemical Pump
    Crest Pumps Group: AME Range - Magnetic Drive Chemical Pump

    Crest Pumps Group

    Crest Pumps is a British company that specialises in the manufacture of high quality, corrosion resistant, centrifugal chemical pumps from polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, PTFE and stainless steel. Crest Pumps also specialises in drum skimmers for oil and water separation. Crest Pumps is a versatile company that can handle emergency situations, special...
    7 Queensway, Stem Lane Industrial Estate, New Milton, BH25 5NN
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  • Euroby: Z-Series decanter horizontal centrifuges
    Euroby: Tricanter® horizontal solid bowl centrifuges
    Euroby: Sorticanter® horizontal centrifuges
    Euroby: PDH gravity belt thickeners
    Euroby: Sludge / cake discharge systems
    Euroby: Disc stack centrifuges with self-cleaning bowl


    Euroby Ltd is one of the UK's leading environmental waste processing organisations and supplier of products and services to the water, power and other industrial markets. The company prides itself as being recognised by its clients and suppliers as "the specialists in sludge treatment, dewatering, stabilisation and drying". In addition to...
    New Dawn House, Gorse Lane, High Salvington, Worthing, BN13 3BX
    Phone: 01903 694400  Fax: 01903 694477  Visit website
  • Haigh: ACE Screeners®, reliable screening from 2-150 l/s
    Haigh: Pipeliner™ disintegration, maceration, conditioning pump
    Haigh: Filtramatic macerator
    Haigh: HVL range of macerators with pumping capacity
    Haigh: Waste processing and separation technology biogas plants
    Haigh: ACE Band Screen


    Haigh Engineering was established in 1955 and delivers products, solutions and services to clients across a range of sectors including: Waste water treatment Proven experts in the provision of waste water treatment solutions, Haigh has an established base of customers and installations throughout the UK, USA and Australia. From single unit sales...
    Alton Road, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 5NG
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  • sera ProDos UK: Standard compact dosing systems and units, floor-mounted
    sera ProDos UK: Diaphragm relief valve
    sera ProDos UK: Preparation and dosing units for polymers
    sera ProDos UK: Solenoid diaphragm pumps R204.1 / C204.1
    sera ProDos UK: Self ventilating solenoid diaphragm pumps RS/CS 204.1
    sera ProDos UK: Standard compact dosing systems and units, wall-mounted

    sera ProDos UK

    sera is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical dosing pumps and equipment in the world. sera ProDos UK was set up in the UK when sera GmbH purchased their former distributor Liquid Dosing Controls who had over 20 years experience selling and supporting sera pumps and systems. Expert technical staff ensure that client requirements are met for...
    Axon 2, Commerce Road, Lynchwood, Peterborough, PE2 6LR
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  • Orbinox: BC square port knife gate valve
    Orbinox: CC channel-mounted penstock valve
    Orbinox: EK industrial service knife gate valve
    Orbinox: EL-O-MATIC EL series electric actuator
    Orbinox: ET fully lugged heavy duty knife gate valve
    Orbinox: MTV high-performance butterfly valve


    Orbinox Group was founded in Spain in the late 1960's as a manufacturer of knife gate valves. The early 1980's global expansion programme has facilitated the development of a direct presence in many world areas. Today, Orbinox Group has manufacturing plants in Spain, Canada and India which are supported by strategic distribution centres located in...
    Orbinox House, Units 6–7, Clock Park, Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, PO22 9NH
    Phone: 01243 810259  Fax: 01243 870040  Visit website
  • Environmental Dynamics International: FlexAir® Spectrum™ saddle-mounted ceramic diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International: FlexAir® T-Series tube diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International: FlexAir® ceramic 7-inch interchangeable disc diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International: PermaCap 5™ coarse bubble diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International: FlexAir® MiniPanel™ fine pore membrane diffuser
    Environmental Dynamics International: FlexAir® Magnum fine pore membrane diffuser

    Environmental Dynamics International

    Water Engineering Ltd (WEL) and Enviromental Dynamics Inc (EDI) combined to form EDI Europe. EDI Europe is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced aeration systems for municipal wastewater and industrial effluent treatment plants. Both fine bubble and coarse bubble systems are available. Enviromental Dynamics Inc. was...
    Twyford Mill, Oxford Road, Adderbury, Banbury, OX17 3SX
    Phone: 01295 810581  Fax: 01295 811997  Visit website
  • Envitech: MultiSys Props multi parameter insitu water monitor
    Envitech: AlgSys Guard fixed site in-line algae monitor
    Envitech: FlowSys Aqualog ultrasonic fixed site flow logger
    Envitech: SolSys-XL in situ solids / turbidity monitor
    Envitech: LabSys PF12 hand held photometer
    Envitech: Flowsys - Mag magflo meter for closed pipes


    Envitech Ltd are a leading independent water sector instrument supplier in the UK. The company supplies, installs and maintains water, wastewater and process monitoring equipment. Municipal, industrial and regulatory sectors have been serviced for 20 + years, with Envitech providing flow-measurement, sampling machines and online parameter...
    Unit S7, Capital Business Park, Parkway, Cardiff, CF3 2PU
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  • Wehrle Environmental: Nanofiltration (NF)
    Wehrle Environmental: Sequenced batch reactor (SBR)
    Wehrle Environmental: Membrane bioreactor (MBR)
    Wehrle Environmental: Dissolved air flotation (DAF)
    Wehrle Environmental: Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems
    Wehrle Environmental: Reverse osmosis

    Wehrle Environmental

    Wehrle Environmental, a division of the German wastewater treatment contracting group, Wehrle Umwelt GmbH, provides turnkey process engineering expertise across a wide range of industrial markets. With an office based in Witney, UK, Wehrles innovative treatment solutions are backed by an established and renowned international reputation for...
    WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH, Bismarckstrasse 1-11, Emmendingen, 79312, Germany
    Phone: 00 76 41 5850  Visit website
  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Moving bed bioreactor system (MBBR)
    Colloide Engineering Systems: Membrane bioreactor system (MBR)
    Colloide Engineering Systems: Membrane filtration
    Colloide Engineering Systems: Deep bed sand filter system
    Colloide Engineering Systems: Dynamic sand filtration system
    Colloide Engineering Systems: DAF dissolved air flotation

    Colloide Engineering Systems

    Colloide is a highly skilled process engineering company, with specialist skills in water treatment, energy, environmental and facilities engineering solutions. We operate in the private and public sectors throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Internationally. Our services range from design through to construction, installation...
    Derryloran Industrial Estate, Cookstown, BT80 9LU
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  • Higgins & Hewins: Multiple chambered, controlled air, batch incinerators
    Higgins & Hewins: Jasorb P-8 dry scrubbing media
    Higgins & Hewins: SulfaTreat 410 CHP dry scrubbing media
    Higgins & Hewins: SulfaTreat HP Select fast-reacting mixed-metal-oxide
    Higgins & Hewins: Jasorb G-15 air and gas purification media
    Higgins & Hewins: Jasorb Y-5 air and gas purification media

    Higgins & Hewins

    With over 1000 air and gas purification units installed throughout the UK, Higgins & Hewins have unparalleled experience in this field. Their Jatreat media from Alphasorb is the essential element for dry scrubbing systems. Their medias are essential to the success of odour control systems in the waste water industry. For more challenging odours...
    Titan Works, Old Wharf Road, Stourbridge, DY8 4LR
    Phone: 01384 397700  Fax: 01384 397701  Visit website
  • Forbes: VTF flat-base thermostatic storage tanks
    Forbes: VTC conical-base thermostatic storage tanks
    Forbes: VTS sloping-base thermostatic storage tanks
    Forbes: Stripping towers for removing ground water contaminents
    Forbes: Fluidised bed gas scrubbers
    Forbes: Wetted packed towers for gas scrubbing


    The Forbes Group has been involved in plastics fabrications since the late 1950s. The company designs and manufactures tanks, vessels, scrubbers, degassers and other chemical plant, in thermoplastics and glass fibre reinforced materials. All products can be custom made to any size and specification. The company carries out mechanical engineering...
    New Road, Crimplesham, Kings Lynn, PE33 9AS
    Phone: 01366 389600  Fax: 01366 385274  Visit website
  • JA Envirotanks Ltd: Above-ground enclosed bunded storage tanks
    JA Envirotanks Ltd: Below-ground double-skinned cylindrical storage tanks
    JA Envirotanks Ltd: Rectangular above-ground enclosed bunded storage tank
    JA Envirotanks Ltd: Cylindrical vertical bunded oil tank
    JA Envirotanks Ltd: Vertical silos and hopper tanks
    JA Envirotanks Ltd: Tank system for fuel distribution centre

    JA Envirotanks Ltd

    The JA Envirotank factory produces the patented "Envirotank" enclosed bunded storage tank. The Envirotank product is used in quarries, distribution facilities and refueling premises all over the UK. Typical applications for the Envirotank include vehicle fuelling, gas oil for standby generators and boilers, diesel tanks, workshop waste oil tanks...
    23, Charles Henry Street, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0SD
    Phone: 0121 622 4661  Fax: 0121 622 1402  Visit website
  • Plymovent: MF mechanical filter
    Plymovent: MistEliminator modular oil-mist removal filter system
    Plymovent: MobilePro self-cleaning cartridge filter
    Plymovent: MultiDust® Bank (MDB) air filtration unit
    Plymovent: FlexHood modular extraction hood
    Plymovent: Oil mist elimination for metals manufacturing


    Plymovent is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. Dutch owned, with offices in Breda and Alkmaar in the Netherlands, Plymovent has subsidiaries in six countries. In the UK, Plymovent products are distributed through a network of authorised distributors on a regional...
    Postbus 9350, 1800 GJ Alkmaar, Koraalstraat 9, 1812 RK Alkmaar, Holland
    Phone: +31 (0)72 7504 600  Fax: +31 (0)72 5644 469  Visit website
  • Skalar: BluVision™ discrete analyser
    Skalar: Formacs HT TOC/TN analyser
    Skalar: Formacs TN total nitrogen analyser
    Skalar: Primacs ATC total carbon analyser
    Skalar: SP50 robotic analyser
    Skalar: Primacs SN protein-nitrogen analyser


    Skalar is a Dutch company, established in 1965 as a producer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. It has since grown into a multinational organisation with its own subsidiaries in most European countries and North America, and with over eighty representatives throughout the world. The organisation is focused on servicing and...
    Breda House, Millfield Industrial Estate, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6NA
    Phone: 01904 444800  Fax: 01904 444820  Visit website
  • KWI: Klaricell RJ™ DAF/sand filtration clarifier
    KWI: Megacell® V vertical dissolved air flotation clarifier
    KWI: Sedicell™ dissolved air flotation clarifiers
    KWI: KS Filter™ continuous backwashing sand filter
    KWI: Minicell™ dissolved air flotation clarifier
    KWI: Megacell® H horizontal dissolved air flotation clarifier


    The KWI group, formerly Krofta Waters Inc. & Krofta Engineering, designs and installs water and waste water treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications. With more than 3,900 installations in 77 countries, KWI is a world leader in industrial waste water treatment and recycling potable water treatment, biological treatment. KWI water...
    Units 8 & 9, Cambrian Business Park, Mold, CH7 1NJ
    Phone: 01352 700224  Fax: 01352 700396  Visit website