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  • J.A.M.: i-Zone Mini control panel multi-zone water leak detector
    i-Zone Mini control panel multi-zone water leak detector
    The i-Zone Mini control panel can monitor up to four zones for water leak detection using cable, point, float, or overflow detectors. The status of each detector is displayed on an LED monitor. Up to 100m of network cable...
  • George Fischer Sales: PROGEF Standard (PP) pipe system
    PROGEF Standard (PP) pipe system
    George Fischer Sales
    PROGEF Standard (PP) is a polypropylene piping system which is highly resistant to stress fracture, pressure, abrasion, corrosion and temperature. The homogeneous material structure of PROGEF Standard offers outstanding...
  • Althon: Heavy duty 500mm penstock
    Heavy duty 500mm penstock
    Althon Heavy Duty Penstocks can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. Althon Heavy Duty Penstocks have been developed...
  • Applied Weighing International: IQ plus® 355 digital weight indicator
    IQ plus® 355 digital weight indicator
    Applied Weighing International
    The IQ plus® 355 digital weight indicator is housed in a tough, all stainless steel enclosure, sealed to IP66 for extra long life, even in the harshest conditions. The Firelite™ ultra-bright display reduces operator error...
  • Applied Weighing International: Clevermount II load assemblies
    Clevermount II load assemblies
    Applied Weighing International
    The Clevermount II is designed for tough industrial weighing applications. It is ideally suited for weighing vessels, hoppers and tanks where hygiene is a priority. The assembly ensures precise, reliable and safe operation...
  • 2H Water Technologies: BIOdek® FKP 619 filter media
    BIOdek® FKP 619 filter media
    2H Water Technologies
    2H Water Technologies manufactures BIOdek® FKP 619 PP and PVC structured cross-flow media for installation in biological wastewater treatment systems. The filter media is used for applications including trickling filters,...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR fixed installation thermographic monitoring cameras
    FLIR fixed installation thermographic monitoring cameras
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Inspectahire offers a range of thermographic cameras for optical gas imaging, including the G300 a, G300 pt and A6604. These systems are designed to enable the monitoring of gas pipelines and similar installations...
  • Corgin: MistCannons for large-scale dust suppression
    MistCannons for large-scale dust suppression
    Mobile MistCannons, also called fog cannons, provide a means for suppressing dust on a large scale with the generation and propulsion of a giant plume of fine water mist. They can propel mist up to a distance of 80m and can...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR P-Series thermographic cameras
    FLIR P-Series thermographic cameras
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    FLIR P-Series infrared cameras are used by infrared consultants and a PDM professionals in the utilities or manufacturing industries to trace anomalies invisible to the human eye. The camera is fitted with Wi-Fi and...
  • Hydro International: TeaCup® grit removal system
    TeaCup® grit removal system
    Hydro International
    Remove, separate, classify and wash wastewater and process solids at a range of municipal and industrial treatment plants. The TeaCup® is a high-performance accelerated gravity grit removal system that has been the benchmark...
  • PlastOk Group: Wedge-wire screens
    Wedge-wire screens
    PlastOk Group
    Wedge-wire screens can be fabricated in a range of flat panels and tubes. Wedge-wire and support profiles are resistance-welded with accurate slot dimensions. They are strong, low clogging, and easy to clean. The screens can...
  • Corgin: MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant is formulated to support high populations of facultative bacteria. These beneficial microbes occur naturally in most organic waste types, and readily function in both aerobic and anaerobic...
  • Drayton Tank & Accessories: Circular polyethylene (MDPE) storage tanks (60-100 ltr)
    Circular polyethylene (MDPE) storage tanks (60-100 ltr)
    Drayton Tank & Accessories
    Tanks are produced from food grade medium density polyethylene. They are offered in opaque white with volume measurements moulded into the side of the tank. Tanks are supplied with screwed caps and are suitable for cold...
  • PlastOk Group: Duplex filters
    Duplex filters
    PlastOk Group
    Duplex filters have a double-flow capacity; either side can be shut-off for filter bag replacement, without interrupting the liquid flow. This is carried out using butterfly valve technology. Filters consist of a standard...
  • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: Type 6027 direct acting solenoid valves
    Type 6027 direct acting solenoid valves
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Type 6027 direct acting solenoid valves are available as a compact 2/2-way valve or a safety shut-off valve. They are used for shut-off, dosing, filling, and ventilation. Depending on the version, these valves can be used...