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  • Applied Weighing International: Low-profile platform scales
    Low-profile platform scales
    Applied Weighing International
    Low-profile platform scales are designed for process weighing applications: sizes: 750x750 to 2500x2500mm; stainless steel or painted mild steel construction; 600-6000kg capacity; four precision load cells; leveling feet;...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Industrial Scales PCE-PCS 30
    Industrial Scales PCE-PCS 30
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Powerful, accurate scales for industrial weighing: inventories. can indicate weight, reference weights and number of individual items on the scale; keyboard for inserting data; rechargeable battery; memory function; optional...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-CS 3000N crane scale
    PCE-CS 3000N crane scale
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-CS 3000N is a heavy-duty, digital crane scale designed for indoor industrial applications. It has a weighing capacity of 3000kg (3 tonne, 6613 Ibs) and is powered by a rechargable battery. The crane is supplied with...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Moisture Balance PCE-MA 110
    Moisture Balance PCE-MA 110
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    quality control - especially of granules, feed, pellets; industrial sector; laboratories; incoming goods control. heating chamber is heated by halogen lamps up to 199 °C; calculation of moisture content from the weight...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Floor Scales PCE-PTS 1N
    Floor Scales PCE-PTS 1N
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    This is a mobile floor scale that efficiently weighs goods directly off the pallet truck scale: weighing and transporting merchandise directly during loading. weighing capacity of 2000 kg; powered by batteries – mobile and...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Weighbridge PCE-EP 1500
    Weighbridge PCE-EP 1500
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    indutrial sector; warehouses; shipping; incoming goods. three ranges for high accuracy; accuracy ±0.05 % of current value; large display 25 mm; automatic calculation of tare value, manual insertion of tare value, adding...
  • Culligan: Ultra violet disinfection
    Ultra violet disinfection
    Ultraviolet disinfection is a well established, simple and safe technology used for the purpose of disinfecting water without the use of chemicals. UV treatment of water is an extremely effective and low-cost solution that...
  • Cole-Parmer Instrument Company: Ohaus® Defender™ 3000 bench scales
    Ohaus® Defender™ 3000 bench scales
    Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
    The Defender™ 3000 features a simple, yet rugged, tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting. Rugged design for industrial weighing...
  • Trojan UV Technologies UK: TrojanUVPhox™ UV-photolysis and UV-oxidation solution
    TrojanUVPhox™ UV-photolysis and UV-oxidation solution
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    The TrojanUVPhox™ UV-photolysis and UV-oxidation solution is a pressurised UV light reactor designed to maximise efficiency using 50-90% less energy than other UV reactors of a similar size. It uses Trojan high-output...
  • Air Products: Gases for industry
    Gases for industry
    Air Products
    From processes requiring the cryogenic properties of liquid gases to those relying on the inerting of atmospheres, Air Products CryoEase® Services' diverse product range can solve the problems associated with traditional...
  • Trojan UV Technologies UK: TrojanUVSigna™ wastewater UV disinfection system
    TrojanUVSigna™ wastewater UV disinfection system
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    TrojanUVSigna™ is an advanced modular UV disinfection system for wastewater treatment, ideal for mid- to large-scale primary, secondary, and reuse applications. It disinfects against a wide range of pathogens, including...
  • Cole-Parmer Instrument Company: Symmetry IS industrial bench scale
    Symmetry IS industrial bench scale
    Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
    These affordable compact bench scales handle basic weighing tasks and check weighing operations with a simple keypad and intuitive operation. They offer 5 weighing units, % weighing, simple parts counting and check weighing.
  • Ultraviolet water filter and purifier
    JFP Filtration
    The Arbour Tech combined ultraviolet (UV) water filter and purifier combines three functions in one unit: • Filters out sediment and organic matter • Kills bacteria and viruses without chemicals or heat • Monitors flow rate...