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  • Corgin: Large fleet available for immediate hire from Corgin
    Large fleet available for immediate hire from Corgin
    Corgin recognise that clients are sometimes overtaken by environmental emergencies. As experts in providing solutions for environmental compliance, clients regularly recommend Corgin for their rapid response to these challenges. Corgin maintains a large hire fleet for wastewater aeration and dust / odour suppression, available for immediate hire...
    05 April 2016
  • Storm Katie causes chaos!
    Easter washout! Bank holiday misery! Britain on flood alert! The Environment Agency issues 28 flood warnings in the wake of Storm Katie. Just another typical British Bank Holiday to make us all feel glum. But are we missing an opportunity with all this rain? Rainwater is part of the never ending water cycle but fresh water is an increasingly...
    04 April 2016
  • Endress+Hauser: First 79 GHz high-accuracy radar instrument
    First 79 GHz high-accuracy radar instrument
    Endress+Hauser presents the world’s first radar with a transmission frequency of 79 GHz for level measurement in liquids. The new Micropilot NMR81 for high-accuracy custody transfer applications is certified by independent test authorities to an accuracy of ±0.5mm. The sharply focused microwave beam angle ensures safe and reliable measurements...
    15 March 2016
  • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: Bürkert launches latest hygienic diaphragm valve
    Bürkert launches latest hygienic diaphragm valve
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has recently launched the latest incarnation of its diaphragm valve body that has been manufactured using hydroforming technology to deliver a number of benefits. Designed for use in hygienic process applications, the new tube valve body meets the latest standards for pharmaceutical, cosmetic as well as food and...
    09 March 2016
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: ELIQUO HYDROK wastewater hire solutions
    ELIQUO HYDROK wastewater hire solutions
    The ELIQUO HYDROK range of hire solutions is specifically designed for rental to help in emergency situations where an existing plant problem requires a rapid solution. This could be in the form of operational overload during seasonal peak periods, during planned maintenance activities, where extended plant capacity is needed, or where a pilot or...
    07 March 2016
  • Endress+Hauser: Fast track, quality instruments
    Fast track, quality instruments
    Endress+Hauser has put together a package of instruments for basic applications to suit smaller budgets. Endress+Hauser is known for its high-quality, technologically advanced products that are suitable for the most complex applications. But the company also manufactures a range of low-cost instruments for light duty applications. This range of...
    23 February 2016
  • Enduramaxx registered on Achilles community
    Enduramaxx is pleased to announce that they are now fully registered as a supplier on the Achilles UVDB Community (Utilities Vendor Database). Achilles UVDB is a business community for the UK utilities industry and major contractors enabling the sector to use the Achilles supplier pre-qualification system to manage risk and comply with EU...
    17 February 2016
  • Endress+Hauser: Are you making the most of the RHI?
    Are you making the most of the RHI?
    The RHI is the world's first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat. Launched in November 2011, the scheme for the non-domestic sector provides payment to industry, businesses and public sector organisations for the generation of heat from eligible renewable technologies. By increasing heat generation from renewable energy...
    04 February 2016
  • MSE Hiller: Off-site manufacture reduces costs of dewatering
    Off-site manufacture reduces costs of dewatering
    MSE Hiller
    The advent of off-site manufacture by centrifuge supplier MSE Hiller has paid dividends on several water company projects by reducing the risk and cost profile on sludge thickening dewatering installations. By manufacturing, installing and testing as many of the system components as possible off-site prior to delivery the following savings can...
    03 February 2016
  • Hydro International: Managing upstream flood storage schemes
    Managing upstream flood storage schemes
    Hydro International
    Flood technology experts have welcomed Government proposals to work with farmers to create more flood storage areas upstream, protecting downstream properties vulnerable to flash river flooding. In the first week of 2016, UK Environment Secretary Liz Truss and Neil Parish, Chair of the EFRA committee, seemed to suggest that providing positive...
    12 January 2016
  • Trojan UV spare parts - Get Genuine
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    If it’s not a genuine Trojan part, it shouldn’t be part of your Trojan system. Be sure to Get Genuine. Trojan Service Professionals cannot provide service support for customers operating systems using non-OEM parts. That's why it's important to be part of our Get Genuine program: round-the-clock service support by Trojan-certified technicians...
    07 January 2016
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: CWF 'Flushing Bell' gains European distribution
    CWF 'Flushing Bell' gains European distribution
    The success of the ELIQUO HYDROK CWF 'Flushing Bell' storm flush storm tank cleaning system in the UK has led to a manufacture and distribution licence agreement with Steinhardt GmbH for the full range of units throughout Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. ELIQUO HYDROK are the sole distributors...
    11 December 2015
  • Delta-T Devices: DeltaLINK-Cloud - a free online data sharing service
    DeltaLINK-Cloud - a free online data sharing service
    Delta-T Devices
    Delta-T Devices Ltd has launched DeltaLINK-Cloud (www.delta-t.co.uk/deltalink-cloud.asp) – a powerful free online service for use with Delta-T data loggers. It offers secure cloud-based connectivity, data management, and automatic data retrieval. Users can easily upload, store, view, and share their data. The DeltaLINK-Cloud website makes it...
    19 November 2015
  • Rainwater tanks - Program for Climate Resilience
    The Pilot Program for Climate Resistance (PPCR) is a major programme that invests in ways to integrate climate risk and resilience into core development planning across the globe, whilst complementing other on-going activities. Comprising 20 strategic programs for climate resilience under the PPCR, a pipeline of 66 projects and programs has...
    16 November 2015
  • MSE Hiller: NWL award Centrifuge Maintenance Framework to MSE Hiller
    NWL award Centrifuge Maintenance Framework to MSE Hiller
    MSE Hiller
    MSE Hiller is pleased to announce that the company has been successful in winning the Centrifuge Maintenance, Overhaul and Hire Services Framework contract with the Northumbrian Water Group. Northumbrian Water covers an area of 9,422km2 with 2.5m water customers and 2.7m wastewater customers. With over 400 treatment works and 77,850 tonnes of dry...
    09 November 2015