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  • How to ensure a long life of your mechanical seal pump
    Crest Pumps Group
    Mechanical seals continue to be the number one cause of chemical pump downtime. This is normally because the seal face has either worn out or the seal has suffered damage. If it is the former, replacing the seal is normally...
  • Why are water companies adding phosphates?
    Lovibond Tintometer
    Allen Wilson, FISPE MAPLT Tech IOSH, speaks out on the issue of phosphates in drinking water. To comply with EC directive 80/778/EEC that demands that drinking water contain less than10ug/l of lead by December of this year.
  • Understanding the hazards of hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
    International Gas Detectors
    Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a colourless gas with a characteristic rotten eggs odour. It is also highly poisonous. Hydrogen sulphide occurs naturally during plant and animal decay and in volcanic gases. It will therefore...
  • UV vs. Chlorine for wastewater disinfection
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    For the past few decades, and increasingly today, UV has been successfully used around the world for municipal wastewater disinfection. As a growing alternative and a direct replacement technology to chemical (chlorine)...
  • Functional safety and gas detection
    International Gas Detectors
    IGD is often asked by prospective clients if they really need a gas detection system and if so, how does it fit into their risk mitigation scheme? Whatever the facility and activities being undertaken, risk assessments will...
  • Consideration and placement of gas detection systems
    International Gas Detectors
    Unlike fire systems that have a specific standard for installation and placement, EN54, there is no similar standard that exists for gas detection. Gas detection systems only have industry approved best practice guidance...
  • The benefits of UV water treatment
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    Jennifer Muller is a professional engineer and expert in the field of water and wastewater ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. As municipal UV marketing director for Trojan Technologies, she commercializes technology and product...
  • A guide to gas safety in schools
    International Gas Detectors
    International Gas Detectors have published their latest White Paper: 'a Guide to Gas Safety in Schools, Colleges and Universities'. This White Paper is based on two key documents: building Bulletin 100 (BB100) "Design for...
  • Car park gas detection
    International Gas Detectors
    Both underground car park and car park gas detection is commonly fitted for personal protection and energy saving. If no exhaust gas pollution is present then ventilation rates can be reduced to save energy. This is a very...