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  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Membrane filtration
    Membrane filtration
    Colloide Engineering Systems
    Colloide Engineering provides membrane filtration systems that are designed, built and commissioned to the clients needs. Applications include: Colour removal in potable water Crypto barrier for potable water Effluent...
  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Deep bed sand filter system
    Deep bed sand filter system
    Colloide Engineering Systems
    Colloides deep bed filter systems are a high-performing and reliable solution for wastewater treatment. Each tertiary filter is engineered to meet the performance requirements of individual wastewater treatment plants. These...
  • Colloide Engineering Systems: Dynamic sand filtration system
    Dynamic sand filtration system
    Colloide Engineering Systems
    Colloide Engineerings dynamic sand filtration is a new system of continuous sand filtration: pulp and paper: polishing of process water for recycling; oil refining: oil removal from wastewater; iron and steel processing: oil...
  • Wychwood Water Systems: LABSTAR reverse osmosis system
    LABSTAR reverse osmosis system
    Wychwood Water Systems
    The Labstar is a compact reverse osmosis system which provides 98 to 99% total solids rejection. It is suitable for a wide range of manufacturing businesses. Reverse osmosis is an ideal water purification solution for many...
  • Stetfield Separators: Tramp oil separator
    Tramp oil separator
    Stetfield Separators
    Free oil removal from water or soluble coolants to <15mg/l For separation of any two immiscible liquids of differing specific gravity at a greatly enhanced rate. Applications: coolant Systems; industrial Washers; factory...
  • Stetfield Separators: Tilted plate oil interceptors
    Tilted plate oil interceptors
    Stetfield Separators
    For enhanced gravity separation of immiscible liquids via inclined parallel plates and coalescing media. Self contain above-ground and in-ground parts kits. Applications: rainwater run-off; industrial oily waste at power...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: UFOX 10 sludge water recycling unit
    UFOX 10 sludge water recycling unit
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The UFOX 10 system is a ready-to-use sludge water recycling unit for the recovery of refill water in swimming pools. The treatment capacity is a maximum of 10m3 of filter backwash per day. The system, based primarily on the...
  • Wehrle Environmental: Reverse osmosis RO
    Reverse osmosis RO
    Wehrle Environmental
    A Reverse Osmosis (RO) feed & bleed for the removal of the remaining non-biodegradable COD, maximal reduction of TN/NO3-N and most of the dissolved salts. The Reverse Osmosis ensures that the strict outlet requirements will...
  • Wehrle Environmental: Activated carbon adsorption
    Activated carbon adsorption
    Wehrle Environmental
    An activated carbon unit may be required in case the COD/AOX after the biology does not meet the treatment requirements. That is the case if the COD consists largely of non-biodegradable organic compounds which cannot be...
  • Bagnall Construction: Supply and installation of filter bed wall units
    Supply and installation of filter bed wall units
    Bagnall Construction
    Bagnall Construction supplies and installs filter bed wall units: units are designed in strict accordance to Ciria Report 58; complete with provision for outlet, inlets, vents and perimeter drainage, electrical conduct...
  • Bagnall Construction: Removal and installation of plastic filter media
    Removal and installation of plastic filter media
    Bagnall Construction
    Bagnall Construction has considerable experience in the removal of old plastic filter bed media and installation of new plastic media into the same structure. The old media can be sent off for recycling or, on larger...
  • 2H Water Technologies: BIOdek trickling filter for municipal sewage wastewater
    BIOdek trickling filter for municipal sewage wastewater
    2H Water Technologies
    2H designed, manufactured and supplied the components for a new trickling filter for Thames Water's Wheatley municipal sewage wastewater treatment plant, located approximately 6 miles east of Oxford. The solution included...