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  • H+E UK: CD membrane modules for contaminated water purification
    CD membrane modules for contaminated water purification
    H+E UK
    CD membrane modules are plate and membrane systems used for the separation of dissolved solids in water and waste water streams. The membranes can handle high solids loads and pressures up to 140 bar, allowing the recovery...
  • Warden Biomedia: Biomarble 310m²/m³ - plastic biological filter media
    Biomarble 310m²/m³ - plastic biological filter media
    Warden Biomedia
    With a spherical design and surface area of 310m²/m³, Biomarble has the highest surface area of the three spherical designs in the Biomedia filter range. With purpose-designed features Biomarble is an excellent alternative...
  • PlastOk Group: Self-cleaning filters
    Self-cleaning filters
    PlastOk Group
    Automated self-cleaning filters These are ideal for use with surface water, water from lakes and rivers, sea water or mains supply. The filters are used for the protection of heat exchangers and sensitive process equipment.
  • 2H Water Technologies: SaniPacking® Anti-Legionella fills
    SaniPacking® Anti-Legionella fills
    2H Water Technologies
    2H Water Technologies offers the SaniPacking® Anti-Legionella fills, used to prevent growth of Legionella pneumophila and other bacteria. It has a lasting effect against Legionella pneumophila and a large number of...
  • The Filter Company Group Ltd: Cartridge filters - clear
    Cartridge filters - clear
    The Filter Company Group Ltd
    Cartridge filters are used for the clarification of process liquids containing small amounts of solids. Two sizes available: 10” standard diameter clear filter cartridge housing ¾” BSPF ports complete with mounting bracket &...
  • Warden Biomedia: Biopipe+ 500m²/m³ - MBBR and IFAS Filter Media
    Biopipe+ 500m²/m³ - MBBR and IFAS Filter Media
    Warden Biomedia
    Biopipe+ has a wheel shape with internal fins and large openings, offering a protected surface area of 500m²/m³. The Biopipe+ is designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for...
  • Hydro International: DynaDisc™ microscreen filter
    DynaDisc™ microscreen filter
    Hydro International
    The DynaDisc™ is a microscreen consisting of multiple filter discs. The reliability of the seals and durability of the filter fabrics allows the system to be used in many applications. Primarily designed for TSS and BOD...
  • Warden Biomedia: Bionet
    Warden Biomedia
    Bionet is a perfect method of securing and installing the plastic random filter media in situ. Designed for municipal and package sewage plants Bionet is used for random media filtration control for water processing. It has...
  • 2H Water Technologies: Drift eliminators
    Drift eliminators
    2H Water Technologies
    2H's drift eliminators are a plastic structured media for process cooling in wet cooling tower systems. The TEP 130 and TEC 130 models are cellular media that are suitable for small or medium sized colling towers, or for...
  • Hydro International: DynaSand® continuous up-flow sand filtration
    DynaSand® continuous up-flow sand filtration
    Hydro International
    DynaSand® is a continuously operating sand filter with an internal washing system. DynaSand eliminates the need for wash water storage tanks, backwash pumps and collecting tanks. Filter tanks and internals are made from...
  • 2H Water Technologies: BIOdek® FKP 619 filter media
    BIOdek® FKP 619 filter media
    2H Water Technologies
    2H Water Technologies manufactures BIOdek® FKP 619 PP and PVC structured cross-flow media for installation in biological wastewater treatment systems. The filter media is used for applications including trickling filters,...
  • 2H Water Technologies: BIOdek® cross-fluted fills
    BIOdek® cross-fluted fills
    2H Water Technologies
    BIOdek® cross-fluted fills for biological processes in water and waste water treatment 2H BIOdek® cross-fluted fills are designed for high efficiency and for meeting high effluent standards. Adjusted to the application, a...
  • PlastOk Group: Two-stage filters
    Two-stage filters
    PlastOk Group
    PlastOks two-stage filter comprises both a bag and a cartridge filter: the bag filter removes bulk coarse particles, and the cartridge filter removes all the finer particles to achieve the filtration specification. A choice...
  • 2H Water Technologies: BIOdek® KVP 623 vertical flow fill
    BIOdek® KVP 623 vertical flow fill
    2H Water Technologies
    BIOdek® KVP 623 vertical flow fill is used in wastewater treatment applications. It is suitable for strongly polluted water in trickling filters, carbonaceous oxidation in submerged biological treatment, and for biogas...
  • PlastOk Group: Duplex filters
    Duplex filters
    PlastOk Group
    Duplex filters have a double-flow capacity; either side can be shut-off for filter bag replacement, without interrupting the liquid flow. This is carried out using butterfly valve technology. Filters consist of a standard...