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  • Aerzen Machines Ltd: DELTA Generation 5 blowers for air and neutral gases
    Aerzen Machines Ltd: Delta Blower G5plus rotary lobe blower for air and gas
    Aerzen Machines Ltd: AERZEN Alpha large positive displacement blower
    Aerzen Machines Ltd: Positive displacement blowers
    Aerzen Machines Ltd: Series GR positive displacement blower for process gases
    Aerzen Machines Ltd: Series GQ positive displacement blowers for process gas

    Aerzen Machines Ltd

    Aerzen manufactures high performance, energy efficient blowers, compressors, rotary lobe compressors and turbo blowers for industrial applications. The company is a leading application specialist in the conveying and compression of gases. Applications catered for wastewater aeration, power and steel production, oil and gas processing and pneumatic...
    Aerzen Machines Limited, Langston Road, Loughton, IG10 3SL
    Phone: 020 8502 8100  Fax: 020 8502 8102  Visit website
  • AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: MK10HO electron generator for industrial odour removal
    AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: MK10IA AQMC - air sterilisation and odour control
    AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: Eliminating airborne H2S and ammonia by 100%
    AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: Bio-Oxygen mould reduction in food processing
    AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: Bio-Oxygen in Chicken Processing - Odour & Sterilisation
    AIR CLARITY | AQMC UK: Air Clarity | AQMC - air, surface and air sterilisation


    Air Clarity Ltd (previously Bio-Oxygen Europe) is a UK-based supplier of the AQMC air sterilisation and purification system, providing air sterilisation, surface disinfection and odour control for a wide range of building services, industrial and commercial applications including but not limited to: food processing; livestock; factories; water and...
    December Barn, Coombe Hall Park, East Grinstead, RH19 4JJ
    Phone: 01342 604056  Visit website
  • MCC Process Technology: COMBIMASS® GA-m - portable gas analyser for biogas
    MCC Process Technology: COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid eco - biogas analyser station
    MCC Process Technology: COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid premium - biogas analyser station
    MCC Process Technology: COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid syngas - modular analyser station

    MCC Process Technology

    MCC Process Technology provides technical consulting services and Innovative products to the wastewater and biogas sectors. MCC Process Technology Ltd is the UK distributor for German manufacturers Binder Engineering and Weber Entec. Both design and manufacture high-end products which have been successfully used in wastewater and biogas sectors...
    4 Soudley Lane, Great Denham, Bedford, MK40 4WN
    Phone: 01234 860018  Visit website
  • Sulzer: Optimising wastewater treatment in dairy plants
    Sulzer: HST™ turbocompressor
    Sulzer: Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA
    Sulzer: HSR oil-free turbocompressor


    Sulzer’s core is flow control and applicators. We specialize in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, and separation, mixing and application technology. Our customers benefit from a network of over 180 production and service sites around the world. Divisions Pumps Equipment Pump technology and solutions We provide a wide range of...
    5th Floor, Astral Towers, Betts Way, Crawley, RH10 9UY
    Phone: 0870 608 0123  Fax: 01293 527972  Visit website
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Optical gas imaging (OGI) inspection for oil platform
    Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR GF320 infrared gas leak camera
    Inspectahire Instrument Company: FLIR GFx320 infrared camera for detecting gas emissions

    Inspectahire Instrument Company

    Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, INSPECTAHIRE is one of the leading suppliers of specialist remote visual inspection technology and solutions to companies around the world. Inspectahire has a large range of technology in their portfolio as well as significant experience in successfully carrying out specialist inspections. Services include equipment...
    Units 10-12, Whitemyres Business Centre, Whitemyres Avenue, Aberdeen, AB16 6HQ
    Phone: 01224 789692  Fax: 01224 789462  Visit website
  • J.A.M.: HDi-24 humidity detector
    J.A.M.: RGi-xx-24 refrigerant detector


    J.A.M. is a leading manufacturer and installer of Aqualarm leak detection systems throughout the UK, Europe and most of the world. The company's skilled sales team designs reliable and cost effective systems computer suites; IT / server rooms; dealer floors; data centres; hotels; kitchen/toilet and vending areas; hospitals (MRI / plant rooms)...
    39 Brook Road, Rayleigh, SS6 7XJ
    Phone: 01268 777222  Visit website
  • Ozcon Environmental: Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator
    Ozcon Environmental: Industrial electrostatic precipitators

    Ozcon Environmental

    Ozcon is a cleantech company that manufactures and develops high-quality systems and solutions based on Ozone Generator and Electrostatic Precipitator technology to purify, disinfect and deodorize our air and limited source of water. We offer state-of-the-art technology, unique on the market due to its efficiency, reliability, low energy...
    5 York Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 9HX
    Phone: 0121 439 5785   Visit website
  • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: High temperature control for exhaust analysis

    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

    Bürkert offers global experience and is committed to achieving success. Consistent and continuous investment in research and development, and in staff training, enables the company to offer customers the very best in technology and services. For any request or goal, Bürkert can be relied upon; working with clients to find the best solution, both...
    Fluid Control Centre, 1 Bridge End, Cirencester, GL7 1QY
    Phone: 01285 648720  Fax: 01285 648721  Visit website
  • Drayton Tank & Accessories: GRP tank covers

    Drayton Tank & Accessories

    Drayton Tank produces one of the largest range of water tanks and chemical storage tanks in the UK. The extensive range of storage tanks includes water tanks suitable for drinking water, rain water, chemical and grey or waste water. Drayton also offers one of the largest ranges of storage tank solutions in the UK for both above and below ground...
    3 Crown House, Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BZ
    Phone: 0871 288 4213  Fax: 0871 288 4214  Visit website
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Blowers for pressure (exhauster) and vacuum duties
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Blowers hire for planned and unplanned capacity

    Aquatreat Environmental Products

    Aquatreat Environmental Group is a specialist process and mechanical engineering company providing design and site services to industry. The company philosophy is to use its core skills to provide the complete support service for its range of high quality products. All products have been specifically developed to provide unrivalled performance...
    1st Floor Colecraft Building, Southam Road, Long Itchington, CV47 9QL
    Phone: 01926 484006  Fax: 0700 598 0416  Visit website
  • Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® floating covers

    Aquasystems International NV

    Aquasystems International specialises in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of aeration, mixing, decanting and scum removal systems for waste water treatment. It is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for the industrial and municipal markets with over 9,500...
    4a Beechfield Avenue, Wilmslow, SK9 6LX
    Phone: 01625 531944  Visit website
  • Enduramaxx: Dust suppression bowsers (200 to 13,000 litres)


    One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of polyethylene products, Enduramaxx uses the highest grade materials and the latest in rotational moulded, UV stabilisation technologies, ensuring durability with a smooth interior to help resist bacteria growth. Enduratank manufactures storage tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres. These include...
    Outgang Road, The Fen, Baston, Peterborough, PE6 9PT
    Phone: 01778 562810  Visit website
  • Atlas Copco: MED+ medical air dryer
    Atlas Copco: EWD condensate drains
    Atlas Copco: Air energy audits
    Atlas Copco: ZS 18-132 oil-free screw air blower
    Atlas Copco: ZS VSD oil-free screw air blower
    Atlas Copco: ZB 100-160 VSD oil-free high speed drive turbo blower

    Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco in the United Kingdom handles the sales and marketing of compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial power tools and assembly systems - all backed up by a nationwide sales, distribution, service and maintenance network. The company provides oil-free and oil-injected stationary air compressors, portable air...
    Swallowdale Lane, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7EA
    Phone: 0845 601 0001  Visit website
  • International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 102 ATEX flammable gas detector
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 103 safe area gas detectors
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 102 toxic or oxygen gas detectors
    International Gas Detectors: Two-wire gas addressable detection system
    International Gas Detectors: TOCSIN 750 Series 2 Wire Safe Area Gas Detector
    International Gas Detectors: 2-wire addressable gas detection room status indicator

    International Gas Detectors

    Established in 1919, International Gas Detectors (IGD) develop, manufacture and market a complete range of gas detection products designed to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications. IGD have the resource to provide initial consultancy, through system design to installation of gas detection...
    Triton House, Crosby Street, Stockport, SK2 6SH
    Phone: 0161 483 1415  Visit website
  • Systech Instruments: Moisture analyser MM500
    Systech Instruments: Process oxygen analyser EC900
    Systech Instruments: Process oxygen analysers ZR800
    Systech Instruments: Paramagnetic oxygen analyser PM700
    Systech Instruments: Portable oxygen analyser EC92DIS
    Systech Instruments: Programmable gas analyser 542

    Systech Instruments

    Systech Instruments, a multinational company based in the UK specialises in the manufacturing of online, portable and laboratory gas analysis equipment for the process, food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. For the process industry, Systech analysers include four methods of oxygen detection and intrinsically safe solutions and are used in...
    17 Thame Park Business Centre, Wenman Road, Thame, OX9 3XA
    Phone: 01844 216838  Visit website