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  • Industrial Blower Services: Robuschi RBS/AV vacuum booster pumps
    Robuschi RBS/AV vacuum booster pumps
    Industrial Blower Services
    Industrial Blower Services (IBS) is the exclusive UK distributor for Robuschi liquid ring vacuum pumps and equipment. IBS is also the UK distributor for Robuschi vacuum booster and pre-inlet vacuum pumps. IBS have many years...
  • Higgins & Hewins: Odorgard™ single tower wet scrubbing system
    Odorgard™ single tower wet scrubbing system
    Higgins & Hewins
    Odorgard™ is supplied from Higgins & Hewins under license from The Environmental Group, based in Australia. Odorgard™ is a single tower wet scrubbing catalytic system that has enhanced performance over conventional caustic...
  • Hygrade Industrial Plastics: Odorgard™ catalytic, wet chemical scrubbing system
    Odorgard™ catalytic, wet chemical scrubbing system
    Hygrade Industrial Plastics
    Under a licensing agreement, Hygrade offers the Odorgard™ single-stage, catalytic, wet chemical scrubbing system. Odorgard™ uses a heterogeneous supported catalyst in a fixed-bed reactor for the destruction of odours and low...
  • Dustech Engineering: Large diameter cyclone separators
    Large diameter cyclone separators
    Dustech Engineering
    Dustech's cyclonic separators are a simple and economical technology that can separate large volumes of particulate from gas streams, preventing emission problems. Gases are whipped in a circular motion, trapping the...
  • Analytical Technology: B12 series 2-wire wet gas transmitter
    B12 series 2-wire wet gas transmitter
    Analytical Technology
    ATi's B12 series 2-wire wet gas transmitters are simple, economical units for monitoring hazardous gases in ambient air. B12 series transmitters are loop-powered instruments that transmit a 4-20mA signal linearly...
  • Systech Instruments: Process oxygen analysers ZR800
    Process oxygen analysers ZR800
    Systech Instruments
    The ZR800 oxygen analysers are designed for the rapid and accurate measurement of oxygen from low ppm levels to 100% in nearly all industrial gases and atmospheres. They incorporate a unique miniature zirconia ceramic oxygen...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Air/gas compressors
    Air/gas compressors
    Utile Engineering Co
    Air/gas compressors include oil-free air compressors, Atex compliant air compressors and vacuum pumps, side-channel compressors and exhausters, and vibration-free compressors. Applications include digester gas mixing, gas...
  • Atlas Copco: ZS 18-132 oil-free screw air blower
    ZS 18-132 oil-free screw air blower
    Atlas Copco
    The ZS 18-132 blower is designed to be reliable and energy efficient. The use of screw technology reduces energy costs by an average of 30% when compared to blowers that use lobe technology. It is certified according to ISO...
  • Forbes: Fluidised bed gas scrubbers
    Fluidised bed gas scrubbers
    Forbes offers a fluidised bed scrubber, which features two or more shallow beds and hollow ellipsoids that are fluidised by the gas stream. This is relatively fast moving system, compared to the velocity of the gas flow...
  • Atlas Copco: Planned maintenance service packages
    Planned maintenance service packages
    Atlas Copco
    Atlas Copco offers a range of service agreements that make it easy for companies to plan, cost and control production processes. Serviceplan™ - three types of agreements are available. The first is a complete maintenance...
  • Burckhardt Compression: API 618 process gas compressors
    API 618 process gas compressors
    Burckhardt Compression
    Burckhardt Compression provides a robust and reliable process gas compressor of Swiss design and manufacture. It complies with the individual application requirements of the API 618 specifications, and is is available...
  • Gardner Denver: PureAir oil free / oil-less air compressor
    PureAir oil free / oil-less air compressor
    Gardner Denver
    The unique design of the PureAir Series assures long life and productivity. A continuing program of product research and development assures that each Gardner Denver compressor includes the latest advancements in oil-less...
  • Gardner Denver: Sutorbilt® 4500 Series positive displacement blower
    Sutorbilt® 4500 Series positive displacement blower
    Gardner Denver
    Gardner Denver’s 4500 Series of rotary positive displacement lobe blowers and vacuum pumps are the result of more than 70 years of experience in the design, manufacture and support of superior industrial equipment. The 4500...
  • Forbes: Wet scrubbers
    Wet scrubbers
    Wet scrubbers are available in packed tower, fluidised bed and venturi formats. Packed tower scrubbers remove contaminants from the gas stream by passing it through a packed structure that provides a large wetted surface...
  • Analytical Technology: D12 digital gas transmitters
    D12 digital gas transmitters
    Analytical Technology
    The D12 digital gas transmitter eliminates poisoning problems that are inherent in catalytic bead sensors. It uses infrared sensing technology that isn't susceptible to the degradation of sensor performance from silicon...