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  • Euroby: FriGeo™ freeze thaw dryer
    FriGeo™ freeze thaw dryer
    The Euroby FriGeo™ freeze thaw dryer is designed specifically for the dewatering and drying of sludge or dewatered sludge-cake. It is a low energy, clean and simple technology that is designed for freeze dredging, freeze...
  • Process Combustion: Process heaters
    Process heaters
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustions process heaters serve the manufacturing, production, finishing, transportation and storage sectors, and are suitable for many forms of process fluid streams including hot air, hot water, steam,...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: Thermal sludge dryers
    Thermal sludge dryers
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    Thermal dryers reduce the volume of wet solid products by removing the moisture and achieving dry solid concentrations of over 90%. The final product is stabilised in a dry, granular form that simplifies storage, delivery,...
  • Cole-Parmer Instrument Company: Binder high-temperature lab ovens
    Binder high-temperature lab ovens
    Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
    Binder® high-temperature laboratory ovens provide outstanding drying results due to optimal air conduction. The ovens are microprocessor controlled, with an LED display of time and temperature. Binder ovens feature the...
  • Process Combustion: Vaporisers for cryogenic or fully refrigerated gases
    Vaporisers for cryogenic or fully refrigerated gases
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustion designs and supplies vaporisation equipment to convert cryogenic or fully refrigerated gases to their gaseous state. The equipment will process LNG, liquid nitrogen or oxygen, as well as fully refrigerated...
  • FLEXMAT - T/TA heater mats
    FLEXMAT - T/TA heater mats are available in aluminium or silicone. They are suitable for a large range of applications as they are flexible, easy to fit and take up very little space. Silicone heater mats are available in a...
  • HTF350 9-96kW oil heater
    Tricool Thermal
    HTF350 oil heater units operate from 9-96kW, heating oil up to 350oC. They feature a stainless steel heat exchanger, non-ferrous internal parts and self cleaning solenoid valves. Units for constant use over 200oC have a...
  • Microfim Cooker for confectionery
    Baker Perkins
    Baker Perkins Microfilm Cooker is the only confectionery cooker that applies vacuum directly onto a thin, swept film during cooking, resulting in extremely rapid cooking with negligible process inversion. The Microfilm...
  • FLEXDRUM - CF jacket drum heaters
    FLEXDRUM CF/JL jacket drum heaters are ideal for heating materials such as bitumen, tar, grease, paint, varnish and wax. A thermostat allows the temperature to be adjusted to prevent overheating the contents. Heating is...
  • Venturi desuperheater
    Transvac Systems
    Transvac has been designing and manufacturing desuperheaters for the power, food, chemical and process industries for over 35 years. Transvac direct-contact desuperheaters typically reduce superheated steam temperatures to...
  • FLEXTRACE constant power cables
    FLEXTRACE constant power cables are used to protect pipes against freezing while maintaining a constant temperature. FTP cables are designed for industrial use, protecting against freezing and maintaining low temperatures.
  • Self-regulating cables
    Self-regulating cables are generally used to protect against freezing and to maintain temperatures. FSG and FST self-regulating cables are recommended for the refrigeration industry to protect against freezing or to maintain...
  • HTF200 9-96kW oil heater
    Tricool Thermal
    Tricool Thermal’s HTF200 unit operates from 9-96kW, heating oil up to 350oC. The unit features a stainless steel heat exchanger, magnetic drive pump on units over 200oC, non-ferrous internal parts and self cleaning solenoid...
  • Rotary cereal cooker
    Baker Perkins
    The Baker Perkins cereal cooker delivers consistently cooked milled or whole grains necessary for the production of high quality breakfast cereal flakes. It is used worldwide by major cereal producers. Design features •...
  • FLEXBELT FCH heating belts
    FLEXBELT FCH heating belts are fitted to refrigerating compressors to prevent the coolant from being absorbed by the oil. Low temperatures increase absorption ranges. Starting the compressor with reduced lubrication can...