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  • ARM Ltd: Aerated reed bed with FBA™ for small housing development
    ARM Ltd: Cutting-edge wetland treatment technology - Clabby WwTW
    ARM Ltd: Reedbed design and installation - ALDI RDC, Sawley
    ARM Ltd: Large reedbed for combined sewer overflow treatment
    ARM Ltd: Reedbed system for potable water sludge treatment
    ARM Ltd: Vertical reedbed system for municipal sewage treatment

    ARM Ltd

    ARM Ltd is a privately owned company which began trading in 1947 as agricultural engineers. Operating from its head office in Rugeley, Staffordshire, ARM has been committed to the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems since the 1980s. Since then, the company has gained extensive experience and expertise in wastewater...
    Rydal House, Colton Road, Rugeley, WS15 3HF
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  • Hydro International: Heliscreen® compact combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Jet® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Static® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Sludge™ Screen in-line coarse material separator
    Hydro International: Grit King® grit separation for waste water treatment
    Hydro International: MNSS Combined Screen protects Greenham Common STW

    Hydro International

    Hydro International Ltd is a global company that provides advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, industrial and construction customers to improve their water management processes, increase operational performance and reduce environmental impact. With over 40 years of experience and a reputation for engineering excellence...
    Shearwater House, Clevedon Hall Estate, Victoria Road, Clevedon, BS21 7RD
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  • H+E UK: Wastewater treatment, fruit & veg plant, Germany
    H+E UK: Effluent treatment facility, Jaguar Land Rover Liverpool
    H+E UK: Outokumpu Stainless Ltd, Sheffield
    H+E UK: Wastewater treatment for Bavarian dairy
    H+E UK: Energy recovery from whey permeate, Switzerland
    H+E UK: Wastewater treatment for beet sugar factory, Turkey

    H+E UK

    H+E designs and builds water and waste water treatment plants for industrial and municipal applications and complete waste-to-energy plants; core elements being designed and sourced within the company. A major and increasing emphasis is on minimising bother operating cost and environmental impact. Water treatment Using all available technologies...
    Field Place Estate, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, RH12 3PB
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  • ELIQUO HYDROK: Asset Life Optimisation maintenance and services
    ELIQUO HYDROK: RWIS™ raw water intake screen
    ELIQUO HYDROK: Off-site manufacturing: CSO screens and tipping buckets
    ELIQUO HYDROK: Peak Screen™ static CSO screens
    ELIQUO HYDROK: MecMex™ self-cleaning CSO mechanical screen
    ELIQUO HYDROK: SnailScreen™ wastewater screening/vortex separation


    Eliquo Hydrok Ltd became a member of the Eliquo Water Group in 2016 through the acquisition of Hydrok UK Ltd by ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH . As a result of this, the new company has been able to add to the already existing extensive solution and product portfolio by the introduction of proprietary biosolids and nutrient management technologies such...
    Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, Indian Queens, St Columb, TR9 6TL
    Phone: 01726 862000  Fax: 01726 862008  Visit website
  • Veolia Water Technologies UK: Actiflo™ high-rate clarifier
    Veolia Water Technologies UK: AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology for wastewater treatment
    Veolia Water Technologies UK: Biostyr™ compact biofilter for wastewater treatment
    Veolia Water Technologies UK: VWT UK helps Heathrow hit environmental milestone
    Veolia Water Technologies UK: From canal water to Bentonite
    Veolia Water Technologies UK: Actiflo high rate clarifiers boost drinking water output

    Veolia Water Technologies UK

    Specialising in design and build projects, Veolia offers a unique portfolio of innovative technologies to treat water, wastewater, odour and sludge, including standard and traditional treatment processes and a range of patented, technological solutions. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies can tailor its offering, depending on the project, from...
    Windsor Court, Kingsmead Business Park, High Wycombe, HP11 1JU
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  • Heathland Group: OxiAir HD diffused air lake aerator for depths up to 10m
    Heathland Group: OxiAir Shallow diffused aerator
    Heathland Group: SolarAir solar-powered diffused air lake aerator
    Heathland Group: AquaAir diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: AirEco diffused lake aerator
    Heathland Group: AirPro diffused lake aerator

    Heathland Group

    Heathland Group is considered the UK and Europe's most trusted supplier and installer of the very best Water Fountain, Water Aeration and Lake & Pond Treatments available on the market. Our successes have been achieved through hard work, first-class support and building the trust of our clients. All of our equipment is available with a first-class...
    Unit 5, Hall Farm Business Park, Martham Road, Rollesby, NR29 5DR
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  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Rapid response aeration equipment hire
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Fine bubble disc diffuser unit
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Temporary aeration solution resolves breach of consent
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Triton® TR Series aerator
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Anti-fouling aspirators for wastewater treatment
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: Submersible wastewater mixers

    Aquatreat Environmental Products

    Aquatreat Environmental Group is a specialist process and mechanical engineering company providing design and site services to industry. The company philosophy is to use its core skills to provide the complete support service for its range of high quality products. All products have been specifically developed to provide unrivalled performance...
    1st Floor Colecraft Building, Southam Road, Long Itchington, CV47 9QL
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  • 2H Water Technologies: TUBEdek® FS 41.50 settler
    2H Water Technologies: TUBEdek® FS 41.84 settler for wastewater clarification
    2H Water Technologies: TUBEdek® KLP 638 settler
    2H Water Technologies: Trickling filters reduce ammonia level for Severn Trent
    2H Water Technologies: DWI Reg31 potable water lamella system, South East Water
    2H Water Technologies: Trickling Filters deliver guaranteed performance

    2H Water Technologies

    2H Water Technologies, a trading division of ENEXIO UK Ltd, is a leading UK manufacturer of structured plastic media for water management plant. With 30 years' experience in the market, 2H has built up a customer base that includes the UK's leading civil engineering companies, water authorities and energy manufacturers. Its headquarters in...
    Unit 6 Prospect Court, Courteenhall Road, Bilsworth, Northampton, NN7 3DG
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  • Smart Storm: Industrial pH balancing
    Smart Storm: Real-Time pH Balancing Unit for Thames Tideway Project
    Smart Storm: pH balancing tank and wastewater monitoring for brewery
    Smart Storm: Bioaugmentation effluent treatment plant for brewery
    Smart Storm: Bespoke pH balancing unit for HS2 construction sites
    Smart Storm: Bacterial products for effluent bioaugmentation

    Smart Storm

    Established in 1993, Smart Storm Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of advanced wastewater and environmental monitoring instrumentation, and trade effluent solutions provider to the UK manufacturing industry. The company, committed to introducing the latest material and electronic technologies into all its products, now offers the most advanced range...
    1 Lon Cae Darbi, Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 2BD
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  • MSE Hiller: Mitsubishi Sterapore SUR hollow fibre membrane units
    MSE Hiller: Polycompact® PolyMix mixing and dosing unit
    MSE Hiller: Polycompact® polymer makeup systems for water treatment
    MSE Hiller: POLYCOMPACT PD polymer make-up unit
    MSE Hiller: Waste water recycling at potato processing plants
    MSE Hiller: Bespoke biological treatment systems

    MSE Hiller

    Established in 2001 the company specialise in the supply and rental of centrifuges, sludge dewatering equipment and environmental engineering products to the water and industrial effluent control sectors throughout the UK. The company work with the leading names in Industry to install state of the art centrifuge technology. Equipment comes in a...
    Harper Way, Markham Vale, Chesterfield, S44 5JX
    Phone: 01246 861166  Fax: 01246 823639  Visit website
  • Hydroklear Services: Powder and dry polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services: Liquid polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services: Chemical dosing rigs
    Hydroklear Services: Portable chemical dosing units
    Hydroklear Services: Containerised chemical dosing system hire
    Hydroklear Services: Temporary single-pump chemical dosing systems

    Hydroklear Services

    Hydroklear is an independent company, formed to meet the demands of the industrial and municipal market sectors for a comprehensive water and effluent treatment capability. Hydroklear offers a full range of products and services, from turnkey projects to pragmatic advice, and from chemicals to plant operation and maintenance. In designing systems...
    Unit 1, Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Riverside Place, Kilbirnie, KA25 7PW
    Phone: 01505 681670  Fax: 01505 684102  Visit website
  • Wilo: EMU TR 14… – TR 28…miniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR 22… – TR 40… uniprop submersible mixers,
    Wilo: EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1...uniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR(E) 212… – TR(E) 326… maxi- / megaprop mixers
    Wilo: EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2… Rezijet re-circulation pump
    Wilo: Wilo UK wins Environmental Contribution of the Year


    Since 1872, we at Wilo have been turning visionary ideas into intelligent solutions that regularly set new standards in the industry. The goal of our company founder, Louis Oplander, was to use his copper and brass goods factory to improve and facilitate the supply of water and heat to people. He did this with great success: in 1928, he designed...
    Centrum 100, Second Avenue, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2WJ
    Phone: 01283 523 000  Fax: 01283 523 099  Visit website
  • Althon: Bespoke trash screen replacement
    Althon: Bespoke steel trash screen - Hartlebury Castle
    Althon: Pipe-mounted stainless steel vermin gate
    Althon: Stainless steel 316 vermin mesh grille PN16 flange


    Althon Precast Headwalls and Water Management Althon Limited manufacture and distribute specialist water management products to the construction industry. We design and manufacture precast concrete headwalls to meet Sewers for Adoption and Severn Trent Guidelines. Our product range includes flap valves, penstocks and stop logs as well as trash...
    Vulcan Road South, Norwich, NR6 6AF
    Phone: 01603 488700  Visit website
  • Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Activated sludge treatment for industrial effluent
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Sequential batch reactors
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Submerged aerated media for food industry waste water
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Membrane bioreactors

    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering

    Puriflo, a division of ESE Engineering (UK) LLP, specialises in the design and installation of cost-effective plant for the management of industrial effluent and sewage. Since its formation, Puriflo has provided wastewater management solutions throughout the UK and abroad. The company's team offers a complete turnkey package, from initial testing...
    14 Cowley Road, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole, BH17 0UJ
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  • OSSO: Solids Removal Settlement Tank Packages
    OSSO: Concrete washout system
    OSSO: OSSO win geothermal contract with mud cooler technology


    OSSO has field-proven technologies to efficiently separate oily water/slops waste at source, minimising the amount of waste that needs to be processed during decommissioning cleaning work scopes. This is achieved through a process of mechanical (centrifugal) and if necessary, specialised chemical separation, to separate fluids/solids mixtures. The...
    Howe Moss Crescent, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GN
    Phone: 01224 772918  Visit website