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  • ELIQUO HYDROK: IFAS enhanced biomass fixed bed system
    IFAS enhanced biomass fixed bed system
    The Hydrok IFAS™ (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) system utilises Biotextil Cleartec media for the growth of biomass for the treatment of effluent. Biotextil Cleartec is a polypropylene product that creates a large...
  • Hydro International: HeadCell® stacked tray grit separator
    HeadCell® stacked tray grit separator
    Hydro International
    Remove more, finer grit to protect downstream equipment, increase plant efficiency and cut maintenance and repair costs. The HeadCell® is a stacked tray grit separator that retains 95% of all grit 75 µm and larger -...
  • 2H Water Technologies: Equiflo rotary distributor
    Equiflo rotary distributor
    2H Water Technologies
    Equiflo is a practical and durable trickling filter rotary distributor. Built from a precisely engineered combination of processes and the most up-to-date products and technology it provides an effective trickling filter...
  • H+E UK: Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    H+E UK
    Tube modules are used in settlement tanks to help promote the settlement of flocculated solids in industrial and municipal applications. They provide an additional area where flocculation of smaller and lighter particles can...
  • Hydro International: Zickert reciprocating sludge & scum scrapers
    Zickert reciprocating sludge & scum scrapers
    Hydro International
    The Zickert scraper system removes settled sludge and surface scum whilst minimising the use of space above and on the tank walls. Suitable for primary settlement and final settlement tanks on: New wastewater treatment...
  • Corgin: HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer
    HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer
    The HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer is designed specifically for water and wastewater treatment applications, typically in suspension and homogenisation tanks. Its patented, hyperboloid-shaped impeller ensures complete...
  • Corgin: FlexAir disc diffusers
    FlexAir disc diffusers
    FlexAir Disc Diffuser membranes from Corgin incorporate advanced technologies for superior aeration performance and reliability. They have an integral triple check valve to prevent backflow of wastewater into the diffusers...
  • H+E UK: ANAFIT.CS expanded granular sludge bed digestion (EGSB)
    ANAFIT.CS expanded granular sludge bed digestion (EGSB)
    H+E UK
    ANAFIT.CS is a reliable and very effective method for the cleaning of heavily mineralised wastewater from the industrial production process in the food industry. It is based on the anaerobic contact sludge process and...
  • Corgin: FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers from Corgin are generally chosen in applications with high airflow requirements, and/or in harsh wastewater environments, in removable or fixed grid configurations. The diffusers are...
  • Corgin: ModuleAir fine bubble diffused air system
    ModuleAir fine bubble diffused air system
    ModuleAir can be used where continuous wastewater treatment is essential. Plants can continue to operate during installation and removal for maintenance as no tank draindown is required. Modular systems are ideal for both...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: MecMex self-cleaning CSO mechanical screen
    MecMex self-cleaning CSO mechanical screen
    Sewerage systems can become overwhelmed with combined sewage and rain water during heavy rainfall. In order to prevent sewers flooding, overflow weirs allow discharge at strategic points within the system into the water...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: HY-SAF hybrid submerged aerated filter
    HY-SAF hybrid submerged aerated filter
    The ELIQUO HYDROK Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter (HY-SAF) offers a power efficient, robust, small footprint biological wastewater treatment solution individually designed to achieve the final effluent consent standard...
  • Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Sequential batch reactors
    Sequential batch reactors
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering
    Puriflo has wide experience in building sequential batch reactors, a form of activated sludge treatment in which both aeration and settling take place in the same tank. The process can only be applied in cases where the flow...
  • H+E UK: IBC chemical dosing systems
    IBC chemical dosing systems
    H+E UK
    IBC chemical dosing systems provide chemical dosing directly from IBC's. The systems are manufactured from chemical-resistant plastics, suitable for use with a wide range of concentrated chemicals. Minimises handling and...
  • PlastOk Group: Wedge-wire screens
    Wedge-wire screens
    PlastOk Group
    Wedge-wire screens can be fabricated in a range of flat panels and tubes. Wedge-wire and support profiles are resistance-welded with accurate slot dimensions. They are strong, low clogging, and easy to clean. The screens can...