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  • Hydro International: TeaCup® grit removal system
    TeaCup® grit removal system
    Hydro International
    Remove, separate, classify and wash wastewater and process solids at a range of municipal and industrial treatment plants. The TeaCup® is a high-performance accelerated gravity grit removal system that has been the benchmark...
  • H+E UK: BIOFIT®.Oxyd2 advanced oxidation process
    BIOFIT®.Oxyd2 advanced oxidation process
    H+E UK
    The BIOFIT®.Oxyd2 process is used for the treatment of wastewater where the pollutants are difficult or impossible to remove using conventional biological processes alone. It uses a chemical oxidation process to break down...
  • ARM Ltd: Phragmifiltre® reedbeds for sewage treatment
    Phragmifiltre® reedbeds for sewage treatment
    ARM Ltd
    Phragmifiltre® is the first reedbed technology in the UK that provides complete treatment of macerated or raw sewage in a single wetland system, with no pre-settlement and little or no power requirement. The system can treat...
  • Hydro International: Hydro MicroScreen™ for solids removal from wastewater
    Hydro MicroScreen™ for solids removal from wastewater
    Hydro International
    Hydro MicroScreen™ is a low-energy, small-footprint rotating belt screen that delivers exceptional solids removal from industry process water and wastewater. Maintaining efficiency even at peak design flow rates, it enables...
  • Sulzer: Disc diffuser system type ABS
    Disc diffuser system type ABS
    The ABS disc diffuser system (Nopon) is a highly reliable fine bubble aeration system for municipal and industrial wastewater. Five alternative diffuser models are available, all of which are fast and easy to install and...
  • Hydroklear Services: Liquid polymer preparation systems
    Liquid polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services
    HKS offers a standardised but flexible polymer preparation system that produces concentrated liquids in bulk supplies. The standardised approach allows HKS systems to be tailored to suit each location without any additional...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: Microdyn-Nadir BIO-CEL® MBR
    Microdyn-Nadir BIO-CEL® MBR
    ELIQUO HYDROK has the rights for the UK distribution of the Microdyn-Nadir BIO-CEL® Membrane Bio Reactors to add to a portfolio of wastewater treatment processes. The MBR process is a combination of a classic activated...
  • Sulzer: Submersible mixer type ABS XRW 210 to 900
    Submersible mixer type ABS XRW 210 to 900
    Sulzer Pumps first launched the ABS XRW submersible mixer as an innovative medium-speed mixer concept in 2010. It is now available as a complete mixer range with motor technologies adapted to varying applications. They are...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: MecMex™ self-cleaning CSO mechanical screen
    MecMex™ self-cleaning CSO mechanical screen
    Sewerage systems can become overwhelmed with combined sewage and rain water during heavy rainfall. In order to prevent sewers flooding, overflow weirs allow discharge at strategic points within the system into the water...
  • ARM Ltd: Phytocube compact reedbed treatment system
    Phytocube compact reedbed treatment system
    ARM Ltd
    Phytocube is a compact, modular reedbed treatment system designed for low flowrates of wastewater. Suitable for single houses and small industrial applications, the Phytocube provides all the benefits of reedbed treatment...
  • H+E UK: IBC chemical dosing systems
    IBC chemical dosing systems
    H+E UK
    IBC chemical dosing systems provide chemical dosing directly from IBC's. The systems are manufactured from chemical-resistant plastics, suitable for use with a wide range of concentrated chemicals. Minimises handling and...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: RWIS™ raw water intake screen
    RWIS™ raw water intake screen
    The ELIQUO HYDROK RWIS™ (raw water intake screen) has been developed by the design, engineering and manufacturing teams based on their vast experience of screening technologies, utilising their years of experience designing...
  • 2H Water Technologies: TUBEdek® tube settlers
    TUBEdek® tube settlers
    2H Water Technologies
    2H Water Technologies manufactures the TUBEdek® settlers for drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment and solids/liquid separation. All TUBEdek® products can be easily adapted to suit...
  • PlastOk Group: Wedge-wire screens
    Wedge-wire screens
    PlastOk Group
    Wedge-wire screens can be fabricated in a range of flat panels and tubes. Wedge-wire and support profiles are resistance-welded with accurate slot dimensions. They are strong, low clogging, and easy to clean. The screens can...
  • ARM Ltd: Nitrification series, Forced Bed Aeration™
    Nitrification series, Forced Bed Aeration™
    ARM Ltd
    ARM Ltd has extensive experience of designing and constructing natural wastewater treatment systems for anything from an individual dwelling to a community of 25,000 people. A range of nitrifying products has been developed...