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  • H+E UK: Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    H+E UK
    Tube modules are used in settlement tanks to help promote the settlement of flocculated solids in industrial and municipal applications. They provide an additional area where flocculation of smaller and lighter particles can...
  • Hydro International: GritCup® grit washing system
    GritCup® grit washing system
    Hydro International
    Get efficient, economical grit washing at smaller plants with no washwater requirements. The GritCup® is a compact, unpowered grit washing system with no moving parts that delivers clean grit ready for dewatering by a...
  • Venturi Jet Pumps: Liquid jet eductors
    Liquid jet eductors
    Venturi Jet Pumps
    Liquid jet eductors are used for lifting, pumping, mixing and agitating liquids, as well as handling granular solids and slurries: emptying sumps or bunds; pumping and mixing operations; dewatering barges & boreholes;...
  • ARM Ltd: Phragmifiltre® reedbeds for sewage treatment
    Phragmifiltre® reedbeds for sewage treatment
    ARM Ltd
    Phragmifiltre® is the first reedbed technology in the UK that provides complete treatment of macerated or raw sewage in a single wetland system, with no pre-settlement and little or no power requirement. The system can treat...
  • Wilo: EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2… Rezijet re-circulation pump
    EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2… Rezijet re-circulation pump
    EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2… are directly driven submersible mixers with flow housing (RZP 20, RZP 25-2…, RZP 40…) or with single-stage planetary gear (RZP 50-3…, RZP 60-3…, RZP 80-2…). Applications: pumping sewage via low...
  • Corgin: Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    What is Bio-Augmentation? Bio-Augmentation is the process whereby bacteria and other micro-organisms are dosed into a wastewater treatment plant in order to enhance or restart biological activity. Does it really work? The...
  • PlastOk Group: Conidur® screen
    Conidur® screen
    PlastOk Group
    The CONIDUR® finely perforated sheet has a unique type of perforation - conical and obliquely pierced. The punching method used forms small holes in thick sheets of steel, which makes it very strong and durable. CONIDUR® is...
  • Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering: Submerged aerated media plant
    Submerged aerated media plant
    Puriflo - a division of ESE Engineering
    Puriflo specialises in the design of submerged aerated media plant, which can deal with much higher loadings per cubic metre of tank volume than an activated sludge plant. No daily checks are required on the mixed liquor...
  • Corgin: FlexAir disc diffusers
    FlexAir disc diffusers
    FlexAir Disc Diffuser membranes from Corgin incorporate advanced technologies for superior aeration performance and reliability. They have an integral triple check valve to prevent backflow of wastewater into the diffusers...
  • Wilo: EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1...uniprop submersible mixers
    EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1...uniprop submersible mixers
    EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1... are submersible mixers with single-stage planetary gear. They are used in activated sludge tanks and sludge tanks for the generation of flow, suspension of solids, homogenisation and the prevention...
  • Hydroklear Services: Chemical dosing rigs
    Chemical dosing rigs
    Hydroklear Services
    Hydroklear provides chemical dosing rigs for municipal and industrial applications. A selection of standard designs is available, but each package can be tailored for the individual client and / or site. As Hydroklear has no...
  • Corgin: CyberFlow Accelerator
    CyberFlow Accelerator
    The CyberFlow Accelerator is an advancement over conventional flow generators. It has been specially developed and optimized for the most energy efficient generation of horizontal flows in applications such as biological...
  • Corgin: FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers from Corgin are generally chosen in applications with high airflow requirements, and/or in harsh wastewater environments, in removable or fixed grid configurations. The diffusers are...
  • ARM Ltd: Nitrification series, Forced Bed Aeration™
    Nitrification series, Forced Bed Aeration™
    ARM Ltd
    ARM Ltd has extensive experience of designing and constructing natural wastewater treatment systems for anything from an individual dwelling to a community of 25,000 people. A range of nitrifying products has been developed...
  • H+E UK: Lamella tube settlers for highly efficient solid removal
    Lamella tube settlers for highly efficient solid removal
    H+E UK
    Tube settlers are used for the settlement of flocculated solids in applications where the volume of accumulated sludge is relatively large and a conventional lamella clarifier may struggle. Lamella tube settlers can hold...