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  • Corgin: CyberFlow Accelerator
    CyberFlow Accelerator
    The CyberFlow Accelerator is an advancement over conventional flow generators. It has been specially developed and optimized for the most energy efficient generation of horizontal flows in applications such as biological...
  • PlastOk Group: Metal mesh eyeleted screens
    Metal mesh eyeleted screens
    PlastOk Group
    PlastOk supply eyeleted screens in synthetic meshes, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. in a full range of apertures. PlastOk manufacture and supply a complete range of replacement screens with edges taped with PVC,...
  • H+E UK: Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    Lamella Tube modules for settlement tanks
    H+E UK
    Tube modules are used in settlement tanks to help promote the settlement of flocculated solids in industrial and municipal applications. They provide an additional area where flocculation of smaller and lighter particles can...
  • 2H Water Technologies: TUBEdek® FS 41.84 settler
    TUBEdek® FS 41.84 settler
    2H Water Technologies
    2H Water Technologies manufactures the TUBEdek® FS 41.84 PP and PVC settler for drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment and solids/liquid separation. The FS41.84 offers excellent solids...
  • PlastOk Group: Vibration screens
    Vibration screens
    PlastOk Group
    PlastOk offers a complete range of screens, including vibration screens with ultrasonic screening for higher throughput of fine powders and an extended mesh life. Vibratory screens are circular in shape and feature...
  • ARM Ltd: Forced Bed Aeration™ for wetland wastewater treatment
    Forced Bed Aeration™ for wetland wastewater treatment
    ARM Ltd
    Forced Bed Aeration™ (FBA™) is a technology designed to enhance the performance of wetlands for the treatment of high-strength wastewaters. The FBA™ system blows air through the wetland system. The increased presence of...
  • The Filter Company Group Ltd: The Eliminator automatic self-cleaning strainer
    The Eliminator automatic self-cleaning strainer
    The Filter Company Group Ltd
    The Eliminator's motorised automatic self cleaning strainers provide continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems that demand full-time uninterrupted flow. It is particularly effective where unattended service, high...
  • Hydroklear Services: Chemical dosing rigs
    Chemical dosing rigs
    Hydroklear Services
    Hydroklear provides chemical dosing rigs for municipal and industrial applications. A selection of standard designs is available, but each package can be tailored for the individual client and / or site. As Hydroklear has no...
  • Corgin: Vertex low-speed surface aerator
    Vertex low-speed surface aerator
    Vertex low-speed surface aerators offer constant efficiencies over the entire lifetime of the system, which can often be up to 30 years. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including tanks of any shape and...
  • Hydro International: Hydro-Jet® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro-Jet® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International
    Screen gross solids and floatables at small and medium-size CSO facilities. The Hydro-Jet® Screen is a high-capacity combined sewer overflow and wet weather screen that is both efficient and self-sufficient. Self cleaning,...
  • Prochem Services: Injection lances
    Injection lances
    Prochem Services
    Injection lances (or fittings) are generally used in dosing systems and are used to inject chemicals into main pipeline streams. Sample lances are used to extract samples for quality monitoring. Prochem manufactures a wide...
  • Corgin: Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    What is Bio-Augmentation? Bio-Augmentation is the process whereby bacteria and other micro-organisms are dosed into a wastewater treatment plant in order to enhance or restart biological activity. Does it really work? The...
  • Sulzer: Flow booster type ABS SB
    Flow booster type ABS SB
    ABS SB flow boosters are a range of slow-running submersible units with integral motors from 1.4 to 4.5kW for gentle circulation and mixing of fluids in treatment plants and industrial applications. SB units are supplied...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: Peak Screen™ static CSO screens
    Peak Screen™ static CSO screens
    Sewerage systems can become overwhelmed with combined sewage and rain water during heavy rainfall. In order to prevent sewers flooding, overflow weirs allow discharge at strategic points within the system into the water...
  • Corgin: MNS wastewater bio-stimulant
    MNS wastewater bio-stimulant
    MSN is a blend of biological stimulants and micronutrients that promote the rapid growth of naturally-occurring facultative bacteria in liquid waste, without producing odorous by-products. It helps to ‘switch on’ biological...