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  • SKE Spiraline SCC 400, Seskinore WwTW Northern Ireland
    SKE Solutions
    SKE Solutions provided an SKE Spiraline SCC 400 for a small wastewater treatment plant in Northern Ireland. The site is located outside Seskinore village beside the main road towards Fintona. It is on the banks of a small...
  • HiPAF packaged sewage treatment, hotel, Worthing
    Wendage Pollution Control
    Wendage was asked to provide a turnkey solution for a sensitive site owned by Saviour Inns. The site was a former mansion house set in council-owned listed gardens overlooking the sea. A new travel lodge was under...
  • Ace screen installation for a small village
    This site in the village was situated down a narrow lane alongside a tidal inlet with very limited access. Haigh Engineering was commissioned to upgrade the inlet, replacing a Haigh channel flow macerator with an inlet...
  • 991 ACE Screener for Pitts Mills STW
    The site at Pitts Mills was originally not screened. A 991 ACE Screener from Haigh Engineering was specified, and situated close to the original channel with the liquid separator station positioned 25m away, 3m lower with...
  • SKE Spiraline SCC 400 Channel Screen, Gleneagles WwTW
    SKE Solutions
    SKE Solutions provided an SKE Spiraline SCC 400 channel screen for the Gleneagles Estate in Scotland. Gleneagles Estate is the internationally famous location of a 5 star hotel and 3 golf courses, as well as a shooting...
  • SKE Spiraline HSSC 700, Foyle Meats Processing Factory
    SKE Solutions
    SKE Solutions provided an SKE Spiraline HSSC 700 channel screen for a large Foyle Food Group beef slaughtering plant near to Derry City that processes cattle. It was essential that the plant comply with NIEA environmental...
  • Glenconvinth WTW
    ACWA Services
    This M&E contract for Scottish Water involved the design, installation and commissioning of a number of treatment processes, including chemical dosing, coagulation, multimedia rapid gravity filtration, sludge thickening,...
  • Mechanical Handling and Screening Equipment, Cavan WwTW
    SKE Solutions
    SKE Solutions provided SKE Spiraline 1-off CS 150, 1-off SCOW 200, and 1-off SCL 80 channel screens, screenings conveyors/compactor and a grit classifier for Cavan County Council in Ireland. The selection of SKE mechanical...
  • Hatton of Cruden treatment works
    ClipperTech was engaged as the main contractor to provide supplementary UV wastewater treatment at the Hatton of Cruden works. The site had been failing consent and ClipperTech was contacted about a potential solution.
  • Dalton Piercy WTW, Hartlepool Water
    ACWA Services
    This project involved the design, installation and commissioning of a three-stream reverse osmosis (RO) water purification plant for the treatment of mains water from the Dalton Piercy WTW of Hartlepool Water. It was a...
  • SKE Spiraline Screening and Grit Removal, Longwood WwTW
    SKE Solutions
    SKE Solutions installed Spiraline channel screens along with a hydraulic compactor, grit traps and classifier at Meath County Council’s works at Longwood, similar to those in nearby Ballivor. Two SKE Spiraline shaftless...
  • 490 ACE inlet screen for Great Gidding STW
    Haigh Engineering renewed the Great Gidding STW's screenings capability with a 490 ACE Screener, mounted in a stainless steel prefabricated inlet with LS305 Liquid Separator Station and control panel
  • Nanofiltration, Mallaig WTW
    ACWA Services
    In 2001, ACWA Services Ltd designed, built and commissioned a state of the art nanofiltration plant at the Mallaig treatment works for Scottish Water. The process was capable of treating up to 1,764m3/day of raw highland...
  • Wastewater treatment system, Glenallachie Distillery
    Wehrle Environmental
    Wehrle was commissioned by Chivas Brothers in 2008 to design and install a wastewater treatment plate at the Glenallachie Distillery near Aberlour in Scotland. The effective treatment of distillery wastewater has always been...
  • FlooBed® wastewater treatment, Khon Kaen mill
    Ovivo's FlooBed® BAS process is a combination of FlooBed® MBBR and activated sludge. It was selected for the Phoenix Pulp and Paper Khon Kaen mill wastewater treatment plant. The new wastewater treatment process was a...