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  • Initial Asset Investment requires planned maintenance
    OEM service contracts may not always initially look attractive to the UK Water Industry, but, given the increasing pressures to achieve compliance with equipment that is becoming ever more complex, service contracts can be...
  • Water treatment with reed bed systems
    ARM Ltd
    Reed beds have been used informally for water treatment for thousands of years. The formalisation of this knowledge into an applicable technology in the 1960's has resulted in the rapid expansion of their use globally and...
  • Taking a fresh look at wastewater treatment plant assets
    Hydro International
    Enhancing the value of existing wastewater treatment assets is a major theme of the AMP6 spending round and major utilities companies are also taking the opportunity to look closely at their approach to operation and...
  • Wetland treatment systems and cold weather
    ARM Ltd
    The question of the performance of reedbeds or treatment wetlands through winter and in cold climates is a common one. Reedbed systems in general are subject to the vagaries of local climate conditions, particularly...
  • Overview of wetland systems and related terminology
    ARM Ltd
    Wetlands work in various ways including engineering manipulation and control of natural biological processes; creating an ideal habitiat for micro-organisms to thrive as they breakdown various pollutants; natually occuring...
  • True grit removal: protecting downstream equipment
    Jacopa considers inlet screens to be the front-line defence of a sewage treatment works, because by-passing rags can have an undesired impact on downstream equipment and the plant’s overall efficiency. An inadequate or...