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  • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: Blending systems for high-quality process water
    Blending systems for high-quality process water
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems provides customised water blending systems for high-quality process water requirements. Drawing upon its expertise in key industries and its broad product portfolio, the company is able to offer...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: UV/ultrasound disinfection system
    UV/ultrasound disinfection system
    The ELIQUO HYDROK - Lazur integrated ultra-violet and ultrasound disinfection process eliminates 99.999% of micro-organisms and viruses. UV light is becoming the most common means of disinfection in the UK due to concerns...
  • Hydroklear Services: Demineraliser plant
    Demineraliser plant
    Hydroklear Services
    Hydroklear's demineraliser plant treats raw water to potable standards and provides high purity water. It is suitable for industrial and municipal use, and is supplied throughout the UK and Europe. Designed to interface with...
  • Veolia Water Technologies UK: SDI / Aquaclean™ deionisation water cylinders
    SDI / Aquaclean™ deionisation water cylinders
    Veolia Water Technologies UK
    Aqueous water cleaning systems produce from 0.14 to 2.85 m3/hr of high purity water for applications such as printed circuit board defluxing and cleaning, stencil cleaning and high quality metal component rinsing. The...
  • Veolia Water Technologies UK: Ionpro™ LX high purity water production system
    Ionpro™ LX high purity water production system
    Veolia Water Technologies UK
    The Ionpro™ LX system produces high purity water with low bacteria levels. It is capable of handling flow rates from 500-1000L/h. The system is contained in a single stainless steel skid with moulded covers. It has a compact...
  • Veolia Water Technologies UK: Rapide™ Strata deioniser
    Rapide™ Strata deioniser
    Veolia Water Technologies UK
    Rapide™ Strata twin-bed range of deionisers produce high purity water for a range of industrial applications such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, surface finishing and high and medium pressure boiler feed. Flow rates range...
  • IMI Hydronic Engineering: Pneumatex Vento TecBox for hot water systems
    Pneumatex Vento TecBox for hot water systems
    IMI Hydronic Engineering
    The Pneumatex Vento TecBox is used in hot water water systems to facilitate central deaeration and minimise corrosion. Gases are separated from the water through the atomizing process of the water in a vacuum vessel. A water...
  • ADEPT Pure Water: I-on-x exchange cylinders, Series 1-10
    I-on-x exchange cylinders, Series 1-10
    ADEPT Pure Water
    ADEPT Pure Water Ltd would like to introduce its I-on-x Exchange Cylinders which offer a range of vessel sizes and media types to suit Low Flow Rates from 100 Ltrs/Hr to 4,500 Ltrs/Hr with a Quality Range from <25uS/CM and...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: Chloropac® systems for seawater electrochlorination
    Chloropac® systems for seawater electrochlorination
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    Chloropac® systems for seawater electrochlorination are designed for both land and sea based applications including oil and gas offshore platforms, FPSOs and LNG terminals, refinereies and petrochemical plants, wastewater...
  • Culligan: Ultra violet disinfection
    Ultra violet disinfection
    Ultraviolet disinfection is a well established, simple and safe technology used for the purpose of disinfecting water without the use of chemicals. UV treatment of water is an extremely effective and low-cost solution that...
  • CAREL UK: WTS water treatment system
    WTS water treatment system
    The WTS water treatment system provides pre-treatment and dechlorination, and has a reverse osmosis demineraliser, storage tank, pumping system and UV sanitisation unit. Using mains drinking water, it produces demineralised...
  • Forbes: FD degassing towers
    FD degassing towers
    FD degassing towers are made from corrosion-resistant polypropylene and are designed to economically reduce dissolved CO2. They operate by passing the water to be treated over a large surface area whilst blowing air against...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: Vantage™ VNX electrodeionisation system
    Vantage™ VNX electrodeionisation system
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The Vantage™ VNX electrodeionisation systems are designed for use in the power, microelectronics and general industry applications. Continuous electrodeionisation is a safe, chemical-free way to take RO (reverse osmosis)...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: OSEC®-B hypochlorite generation system
    OSEC®-B hypochlorite generation system
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The OSEC®-B electro chlorinator generates sodium hypochlorite through the electrolysis of a brine solution. Production of sodium hypochlorite solution takes place in once-through membraneless cells. They system is suitable...
  • ADEPT Pure Water: Water deionisers
    Water deionisers
    ADEPT Pure Water
    "I-on-x" exchange cylinders are single vessels which hold mixed bed resins premixed & require no regeneration chemicals. These are exchanged when they are exhausted. This is a simple solution used to process small volumes of...