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  • How does UV sterilization work?
    Ozcon Environmental
    UV sterilization destroys and changes the DNA structure of microorganisms through UV radiation. Virus or Bacteria will die immediately or can not reproduce the offspring so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. UV-C...
  • What type of water do I need for my application?
    Veolia Water Technologies UK
    There are several types of water purity available depending on your requirements: Type 1: Ultra pure water for water-sensitive applications such as molecular biology and gas chromatography Type 2+: Pure water for general...
  • UV vs. Chlorine for wastewater disinfection
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    For the past few decades, and increasingly today, UV has been successfully used around the world for municipal wastewater disinfection. As a growing alternative and a direct replacement technology to chemical (chlorine)...
  • The benefits of UV water treatment
    Trojan UV Technologies UK
    Jennifer Muller is a professional engineer and expert in the field of water and wastewater ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. As municipal UV marketing director for Trojan Technologies, she commercializes technology and product...