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  • MSE Hiller: DecaPress DP84-362 decanter centrifuge
    DecaPress DP84-362 decanter centrifuge
    MSE Hiller
    The DecaPress DP84-362 decanter centrifuge with scroll comprises a rotating bowl, consisting of a feed pipe, a cylindrical section where the separation of the suspension takes place, and a conical section where the scroll...
  • Euroby: Centrifuge maintenance and refurbishment
    Centrifuge maintenance and refurbishment
    Euroby offers a comprehensive range of centrifuge services including on site servicing, repairs and refurbishment. The company also offers services for decommissioning, re-installation and commissioning. On site servicing is...
  • MSE Hiller: DecaOil® DO37-362 decanter centrifuge
    DecaOil® DO37-362 decanter centrifuge
    MSE Hiller
    The DecaOil® DO37-362 is a decanter centrifuge with eccentric gear for two-phase separation. It provides the separation of solid-liquid mixtures consisting of two liquids and a solid phase. The specific density of the solid...