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  • Choosing the right flowmeter
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    There are so many different flow measurement solutions on the market today that discussing all the possible options is an impossible task. However, as with all technologies, some designs of flowmeter are more widely used...
  • Level and flow control for the food and drink industry
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Process control equipment for the food and beverage industry has to operate effectively with a wide variety of fluids, granules and powders of varying viscosities. Add to this the requirement for a hygienic environment and...
  • Top 10 level sensing technologies
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Level sensing is one of the most common functions for process control but it also uses a wide range of different technologies to achieve the same goal; it is therefore important to select the correct design for each...
  • Improving process water quality through automation
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    Water quality plays a vital role in many processes, from perfecting the taste of beer to maximising cooling efficiency. Maintaining precise water quality standards is therefore a challenge that many businesses need to meet...
  • Why are water companies adding phosphates?
    Lovibond Tintometer
    Allen Wilson, FISPE MAPLT Tech IOSH, speaks out on the issue of phosphates in drinking water. To comply with EC directive 80/778/EEC that demands that drinking water contain less than10ug/l of lead by December of this year.