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  • Hydroklear Services: Powder and dry polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services: Liquid polymer preparation systems
    Hydroklear Services: Chemical dosing rigs
    Hydroklear Services: Portable chemical dosing units
    Hydroklear Services: Containerised chemical dosing system hire
    Hydroklear Services: Temporary single-pump chemical dosing systems

    Hydroklear Services

    Hydroklear is an independent company, formed to meet the demands of the industrial and municipal market sectors for a comprehensive water and effluent treatment capability. Hydroklear offers a full range of products and services, from turnkey projects to pragmatic advice, and from chemicals to plant operation and maintenance. In designing systems...
    Unit 1, Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Riverside Place, Kilbirnie, KA25 7PW
    Phone: 01505 681670  Fax: 01505 684102  Visit website
  • Smart Storm: Industrial pH balancing
    Smart Storm: Real-Time pH Balancing Unit for Thames Tideway Project
    Smart Storm: pH balancing tank and wastewater monitoring for brewery
    Smart Storm: Bespoke pH balancing unit for HS2 construction sites
    Smart Storm: The NeutraliZer Mobile pH Balancing System
    Smart Storm: NeutraliZer™ CO2 concrete washout solution

    Smart Storm

    Established in 1993, Smart Storm Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of advanced wastewater and environmental monitoring instrumentation, and trade effluent solutions provider to the UK manufacturing industry. The company, committed to introducing the latest material and electronic technologies into all its products, now offers the most advanced range...
    1 Lon Cae Darbi, Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 2BD
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  • Wilo: EMU TR 14… – TR 28…miniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR 22… – TR 40… uniprop submersible mixers,
    Wilo: EMU TR 50-2… – TR 120-1...uniprop submersible mixers
    Wilo: EMU TR(E) 212… – TR(E) 326… maxi- / megaprop mixers
    Wilo: EMU RZP 20… – RZP 80-2… Rezijet re-circulation pump
    Wilo: Wilo UK wins Environmental Contribution of the Year


    Since 1872, we at Wilo have been turning visionary ideas into intelligent solutions that regularly set new standards in the industry. The goal of our company founder, Louis Oplander, was to use his copper and brass goods factory to improve and facilitate the supply of water and heat to people. He did this with great success: in 1928, he designed...
    Centrum 100, Second Avenue, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2WJ
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  • H+E UK: £1m wastewater treatment plant for industrial effluent
    H+E UK: Wastewater Treatment plant for BP
    H+E UK: SecureChem™ IBC chemical dosing systems
    H+E UK: IBC chemical dosing systems

    H+E UK

    H+E designs and builds water and waste water treatment plants for industrial and municipal applications and complete waste-to-energy plants; core elements being designed and sourced within the company. A major and increasing emphasis is on minimising bother operating cost and environmental impact. Water treatment Using all available technologies...
    Field Place Estate, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, RH12 3PB
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  • MSE Hiller: Polycompact® PolyMix mixing and dosing unit
    MSE Hiller: Polycompact® polymer makeup systems for water treatment
    MSE Hiller: POLYCOMPACT PD polymer make-up unit
    MSE Hiller: PowderMax45 containerised polymer make up / dosing unit

    MSE Hiller

    Established in 2001 the company specialise in the supply and rental of centrifuges, sludge dewatering equipment and environmental engineering products to the water and industrial effluent control sectors throughout the UK. The company work with the leading names in Industry to install state of the art centrifuge technology. Equipment comes in a...
    Harper Way, Markham Vale, Chesterfield, S44 5JX
    Phone: 01246 861166  Fax: 01246 823639  Visit website
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Submersible wastewater mixers
    Aquatreat Environmental Products: AIR-JET aeration and mixing unit

    Aquatreat Environmental Products

    Aquatreat Environmental Group is a specialist process and mechanical engineering company providing design and site services to industry. The company philosophy is to use its core skills to provide the complete support service for its range of high quality products. All products have been specifically developed to provide unrivalled performance...
    1st Floor Colecraft Building, Southam Road, Long Itchington, CV47 9QL
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  • Prochem Services: Calipot series calibration vessels for dosing pumps
    Prochem Services: Injection lances

    Prochem Services

    Prochem Services is a well established and respected company specialising in corrosion resistant valves and equipment specifically design for handling extremely aggressive chemicals. The company's considerable experience in these fields has enabled it to develop products which are used extensively throughout a broad range of industries and they...
    Washford Mill, Mill Street, Congleton, CW12 2AD
    Phone: 01260 299770  Visit website
  • OSSO: Concrete washout system
    OSSO: OSSO win geothermal contract with mud cooler technology


    OSSO has field-proven technologies to efficiently separate oily water/slops waste at source, minimising the amount of waste that needs to be processed during decommissioning cleaning work scopes. This is achieved through a process of mechanical (centrifugal) and if necessary, specialised chemical separation, to separate fluids/solids mixtures. The...
    Howe Moss Crescent, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GN
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  • Venturi Jet Pumps: Liquid jet eductors

    Venturi Jet Pumps

    With over 20 years' experience in the power and process Industy, VJP is a leading manufacturer in venturi process equipment. If you have a process problem or are simply looking for an alternative to your existing equipment VJP may be able to offer you a solution to suit your needs. The company offers equipment from its standard range, or custom...
    Venturi House, Edensor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 2QE
    Phone: 01782 599800  Fax: 01782 599009  Visit website
  • Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® FRED floatable re-entrainment device
    Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® MIX-BS floating downdraft mixer
    Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® FB foam aspirator and breaker
    Aquasystems International NV: FRED re-entrainment device for tannery wastewater
    Aquasystems International NV: 2.2kW Type MIX-GS submersible mixers for Horwich WwTW
    Aquasystems International NV: Aqua Turbo® MIX-SL floating mixers for Scottish Water

    Aquasystems International NV

    Aquasystems International specialises in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of aeration, mixing, decanting and scum removal systems for waste water treatment. It is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for the industrial and municipal markets with over 9,500...
    4a Beechfield Avenue, Wilmslow, SK9 6LX
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  • Siltbuster: RCW (Roadside Concrete Washout System)
    Siltbuster: PMPU20 pH adjustment unit
    Siltbuster: Pipe flocculators
    Siltbuster: Chemical dosing & solids removal at Heads of the Valleys
    Siltbuster: Two stage flow proportional chemical dosing for M42 site
    Siltbuster: Siltbuster chemical dosing skid


    Siltbuster is the UK’s number one solutions provider for on site water treatment, waste water processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution. With over twenty years of experience and expertise treating contaminated waters across a wide range of sectors and applications – we can with confidence say that we are true experts in our field with...
    Williams Building, Kingswood Gate, Monmouth, NP25 4EE
    Phone: 01600 772256  Fax: 01600 775312  Visit website
  • Enduramaxx: Polymer mixing tanks, 200-1500 litre capacity
    Enduramaxx: Water treatment mixer tanks
    Enduramaxx: Coagulation Treatment Mixers
    Enduramaxx: Coagulation & Flocculation Mixers
    Enduramaxx: Chemical dosing tanks (50-1,500L) and skids


    One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of polyethylene products, Enduramaxx uses the highest grade materials and the latest in rotational moulded, UV stabilisation technologies, ensuring durability with a smooth interior to help resist bacteria growth. Enduratank manufactures storage tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres. These include...
    Outgang Road, The Fen, Baston, Peterborough, PE6 9PT
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  • WES: Bespoke packaged dosing plant
    WES: DS 2500 and 5000 chemical dosing system
    WES: DS 1500 chemical dosing system
    WES: DS 200 chemical dosing system
    WES: Service and maintenance of dosing systems
    WES: Dosing CUBE portable emergency dosing system


    WES Ltd has specialised for 20 years in providing engineered solutions for the Water, Wastewater and Process Industries. WES offers a combination of services including design, manufacture, installation and aftersales service for all of the products or packaged solutions provided. WES capability includes: Steel fabrication: pipework, skids and...
    Precision House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PP
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  • sera ProDos UK: Standard compact dosing systems and units, floor-mounted
    sera ProDos UK: Preparation and dosing units for polymers
    sera ProDos UK: Standard compact dosing systems and units, wall-mounted
    sera ProDos UK: Chlorine dioxide preparation and dosing units (CDG)
    sera ProDos UK: Preparation and dosing units for flocculation aids
    sera ProDos UK: Proportional Dosing System (PDS)

    sera ProDos UK

    sera is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical dosing pumps and equipment in the world. sera ProDos UK was set up in the UK when sera GmbH purchased their former distributor Liquid Dosing Controls who had over 20 years experience selling and supporting sera pumps and systems. Expert technical staff ensure that client requirements are met for...
    Unit 5 Granary Wharf Business Park, Wetmore Road, Burton-Upon-Trent, DE14 1DU
    Phone: 01283 753400  Fax: 01283 753401  Visit website
  • Ytron-Quadro: Ytron Z homogeniser
    Ytron-Quadro: Ytron Y directed jet mixer
    Ytron-Quadro: Ytron Y ByPass jet mixer
    Ytron-Quadro: VMI TURBOTEST bench-top mixer
    Ytron-Quadro: VMI TRIMIX mixing system


    Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd was established in 1984 as the sole distributor of Ytron and Qaudro processing equipment. Over the last 25 years the company has developed into a recognised provider of process solutions for the food and beverage, cosmetic, dairy, chemcial and pharmaceutical industries. In recent years the portfolio of process solutions has...
    Unit D, Chiltern Commerce Centre, Asheridge Road, Chesham, HP5 2PY
    Phone: 01494 792898  Visit website