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  • Siltbuster: PMPU20 pH adjustment unit
    PMPU20 pH adjustment unit
    Siltbuster's innovative PMPU20 CO2 pH adjustment and fine solids separation unit reduces the pH of process water, groundwater or run-off on site, for discharge to a sewer or watercourse. Typical applications include the...
  • Siltbuster: Siltbuster pHD Concrete Washwater Treatment Unit
    Siltbuster pHD Concrete Washwater Treatment Unit
    Siltbuster’s compact pHD unit is designed to provide a cost effective method of treating high pH concrete washwater, keeping both small and large construction sites compliant. The unit has been developed for use either with...
  • Siltbuster: RCW (Roadside Concrete Washout System)
    RCW (Roadside Concrete Washout System)
    Siltbuster's Roadside Concrete Waste (RCW) recovery system is designed for the onsite disposal of waste concrete and alkaline waste wash water generated in the construction industry. Typical applications include washing out...
  • Air Products: Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Air Products
    The Halia® pH Neutralisation system dissolves carbon dioxide to provide accurate pH control. It can be difficult to neutralise alkaline waste water. Conventional treatment often uses sulphuric or hydrochloric acid to correct...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: Series 50-178 3000 PPD vacuum regulator
    Series 50-178 3000 PPD vacuum regulator
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The Series 50-178 3000 PPD vacuum regulator features remote pressure relief and is designed for chlorine gas service. It is factory-set to reduce gas under pressure to the optimum operating vacuum. Constructed of rugged...
  • Evoqua Water Technologies: Kent V2000™ chlorinator
    Kent V2000™ chlorinator
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The Kent V2000 wall-mounted chlorinator is designed for easy access and simple maintenance. It has a compact, economical construction. It has a production capacity of up to 60kg/h, and can also be used as a sulphur dioxide,...
  • Culligan: Chlorine dioxide disinfection treatment
    Chlorine dioxide disinfection treatment
    Chlorine dioxide is an established and proven biocide with advantages over other biocides, including other oxidising biocides such as chlorine and bromine. Chlorine dioxide is DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved for...
  • BOC: Solvocarb® pH control system for wastewater treatment
    Solvocarb® pH control system for wastewater treatment
    Solvocarb® neutralises alkaline waters quickly and easily using carbon dioxide. It is inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly. Solvocarb® adjusts the alkaline level of wastewaters to the obligatory range between pH 9...
  • V2000™ chlorinator
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    V2000™ gas-feed chlorinators are available as both floor-mounted and wall-mounted units. The floor-mounted units are available in a variety of configurations with capacities up to 200kg/h of chlorine. The more compact...
  • V10k vacuum gas feeder
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The V10k gas feed system is suitable for capacities up to 15kg/h, combining a standardised flexible design with user-selectable configurations. It operates according to the indirect procedure: a vacuum is produced at the...
  • S10k™ chlorinator
    Evoqua Water Technologies
    The S10k™ chlorinator is an all-vacuum operated, sonically regulated unit. The option of direct cylinder mounting puts the vacuum-regulating valve right at the source, reducing gas pressure to a vacuum immediately. It...
  • Capital Controls® gas feed systems for disinfection
    Severn Trent Services
    Capital Controls® gas feed systems are available with feed capacities up to 200kg/h in cylinder, ton, wall and floor mounted models to suit a range of application. Chlorination and gas feed systems are typically used for...
  • Selcoperm onsite chlorine generation system
    GRUNDFOS Alldos
    Selcoperm onsite chlorine generation system is a high-performance disinfection system that uses a pressure sensor operated in conjunction with a PLC system to offer injector vacuum and operating vacuum, which accurately...
  • Oxiperm OCD-164 dosing system
    GRUNDFOS Alldos
    The Oxiperm OCD-164 is a compact system that doses chlorine dioxide to ensure efficient and safe water disinfection. It is suitable for treating drinking water, industrial waste, process water, cooling water and wastewater,...
  • Oxiperm OCD-162 chlorine dioxide dosing systems
    GRUNDFOS Alldos
    Oxiperm OCD-162 chlorine systems are designed for the reliable preparation of chlorine dioxide from diluted solutions for water disinfection.