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Siltbuster offers a ranger of lamella clarifiers that are ideal for the removal of suspended solids and settleable matter from industrial effluent and water and wastewater treatment process streams. The units are used in both permanent and temporary applications.

The units are made in stainless steel or mild steel, with a two-pack epoxy paint finish for corrosion resistance.

The use of lamella plates in the Siltbuster lamella clarifier reduces the footprint of the unit by up to approximately 90% in comparison to a conventional clarifier resulting in a compact unit that provides a high effective settlement area ideal for clarification of water and wastewater.

The units have been used to supplement new or existing treatment works and to provide temporary treatment capacity during works upgrade or modifications.
For permanent installations, Siltbuster offers a complete range of industrial specification lamella clarifier units that provide settlement capacities ranging from 10m2 to 450m2 per unit.
Siltbuster operates the largest hire fleet of lamella clarifiers in the UK, all of which are available for short-, medium- and long-term projects.

System type Flotation clarifiers
Lamella plate clarifiers
Flow Horizontal flow
Vertical flow
Shapes Conical
Applications Brewing
Food processing
Process industry
Wastewater treatment
Water treatment
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