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CSO Technik

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  • CSO Technik: Lackeby Roto-Sieve® drum screen
    Lackeby Roto-Sieve® drum screen
    CSO Technik
    The Lackeby Roto-Sieve® drum screen is a patented drum screen used for screening flows prior to membrane filtration or MBR's. The Lackeby Roto-Sieve® drum screen is already in service in the USA protecting equipment from the world's leading membrane filter manufacturers including Koch, Kruger, Kubota and Zenon: stainless steel perforated plates...
    Product, 22 March 2018
  • CSO Technik: Static Wave Screens
    Static Wave Screens
    CSO Technik
    Static wave screens are designed for screening storm water in various applications, including combined sewer overflows, storm tank overflows and pumping station overflows. They do not require a power source. They have high solids retention values of 55% and will retain all gross solids larger an 6mm in two directions, in the pass forward flow for...
    Product, 13 February 2018
  • CSO Technik: Pump Action Screen for CSO's
    Pump Action Screen for CSO's
    CSO Technik
    CSOs Pump Action Screen (PAS) uses the principles of static and mechanical screening. The PAS has no moving parts meaning minimal maintenance requirements. Servicing can be carried out without man entry into the chamber The PAS has simple yet robust design using proven components. It has Low power requirements. It is designed for installation in...
    Product, 13 February 2018