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Aquatreat Environmental Products

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  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Aeration equipment hire
    Aeration equipment hire
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    Aeration equipment for short- or long-term hire for sites needing an immediate aeration boost. Aerators available for immediate hire include mechanical surface aerators and drop-in fine bubble diffused aeration systems...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Fine bubble disc diffuser unit
    Fine bubble disc diffuser unit
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    Aquatreat's 9” fine bubble disc diffuser provides efficient oxygen transfer for municipal, industrial and leachate treatment plant. The unit is mechanically strong and can be operated over a wide range of airflows with...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Triton® TR Series aerator
    Triton® TR Series aerator
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    The Triton® TR Series aerator is designed to provide reliable performance levels in challenging, heavy debris conditions. Featuring a stainless steel, dual-bladed propeller, the Triton® maximises oxygen transfer and mixing...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Anti-fouling aspirators for wastewater treatment
    Anti-fouling aspirators for wastewater treatment
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    Aquatreat's anti-fouling aspirators have been developed in response to the growing challenges posed by flushed wips and rugs, and other heavy debris conditions in water and wastewater treatment systems. Operating without...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Floating surface aerators
    Floating surface aerators
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    High-speed and low-speed surface aerators allow versatility across a range of industries and wastewater tretament applications. Surface aerators provide efficient wastewater aeration and intensive mixing capabilities which...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Surface aspirating spiral aerators
    Surface aspirating spiral aerators
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    Surface aspirating spiral aerators provide efficient aeration and intensive mixing capabilities. The aerator’s turbulent directional mixing and jet propulsion discharge assures that oxygen is quickly blended with the water.
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Self-aspirating turbine aerator
    Self-aspirating turbine aerator
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    The self-aspirating turbine aerator can be installed either with a fixed mount or with floats and offers excellent oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) compared to other aeration devices. Simple, durable and robust; no internal...
  • Aquatreat Environmental Products: Radial submerged aerator system for wastewater treatment
    Radial submerged aerator system for wastewater treatment
    Aquatreat Environmental Products
    A flexible and versatile aeration system for the treatment of wastewater and when both mixing and air are required. It can be fed by atmospheric air, oxygen enriched air, pure oxygen or other gaseous or liquid substances to...