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  • Air Products: Halia® Advanced Oxidation System using HiPOx™ technology
    Halia® Advanced Oxidation System using HiPOx™ technology
    Air Products
    The Halia advanced oxidation reactor is a unique patented ozone AOP reactor technology particularly suited for industrial applications with high ozone dose. The Halia technology provides higher ozone efficiencies, easier...
  • Air Products: Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Air Products
    The Halia® pH Neutralisation system dissolves carbon dioxide to provide accurate pH control. It can be difficult to neutralise alkaline waste water. Conventional treatment often uses sulphuric or hydrochloric acid to correct...
  • Air Products: Halia® Modular Ozone generation
    Halia® Modular Ozone generation
    Air Products
    Air Products has created a range of Modular Ozone systems. By combining ozone generation and oxygen production in a modular, containerised system, Air Products is able to offer complete ozone solutions to industrial and...