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  • Air Products: Halia® Advanced Oxidation System using HiPOx™ technology
    Halia® Advanced Oxidation System using HiPOx™ technology
    Air Products
    The use of ozone in water treatment has increased significantly over recent years. While ozone has been used with success for disinfection, taste and odour control or hard COD removal, this conventional ozone application can...
  • Air Products: Halia® Modular Ozone generation
    Halia® Modular Ozone generation
    Air Products
    Air Products has created a range of Modular Ozone systems. By combining ozone generation and oxygen production in a modular, containerised system, Air Products is able to offer complete ozone solutions to industrial and...
  • Air Products: Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Halia® pH Neutralisation system
    Air Products
    The Halia® pH Neutralisation system dissolves carbon dioxide to provide accurate pH control. It can be difficult to neutralise alkaline waste water. Conventional treatment often uses sulphuric or hydrochloric acid to correct...