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  • Jacopa: Jeta Grit Trap installation
    Jeta Grit Trap installation
    In 2012 Jacopa (then Ovivo) completed the installation of its 2,500th Jeta® Grit Trap* - which is designed to achieve the highest possible industry standard grit removal performance; 95% removal of grit particles (0:2mm and...
  • Jacopa: Wastewater treatment, Holmen Paper, Madrid
    Wastewater treatment, Holmen Paper, Madrid
    Holmen Paper, Madrid produces newsprint from wastepaper. In 2001, the mill had to improve their wastewater treatment process before discharge to a municipal sewer. Holmen chose SCBP treatment technology. The process...
  • Jacopa: WWTW, Bushmills, Northern Ireland
    WWTW, Bushmills, Northern Ireland
    Jacopa (then Ovivo) was contracted in 2011 by Northern Ireland Water to design & build a wastewater treatment works for the village of Bushmills, home to the world's oldest licensed whiskey distillery, which celebrated its...
  • Jacopa: Grit removal process, Minworth STW
    Grit removal process, Minworth STW
    The Detritor grit removal process (now known as J+A Crossflow™) was installed to significantly prolong the life of mechanical equipment at Severn Trent Water’s Minworth Sewage Treatment Works in Birmingham. Removing several...