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Hydro International

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  • Hydro International: Grit King® grit separation for waste water treatment
    Hydro International: SlurryCup - grit washing, separation and classification
    Hydro International: HeadCell® stacked tray grit separator
    Hydro International: Grit Snail® quiescent dewatering belt escalator
    Hydro International: TeaCup® grit removal system
    Hydro International: GritCup® grit washing system

    Hydro International

    Grit and silt removal

    Manufactures separation technologies that have no moving parts and require no external energy input. Systems include a solids / liquid separation process for the removal of suspended solids at sewage treatment works, a physico-chemical process for the treatment of industrial wastewater, and a physical settlement process for the high rate removal...
  • Hydro International: Heliscreen® compact combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Jet® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Static® combined sewer overflow (CSO) screen
    Hydro International: Hydro-Sludge™ Screen in-line coarse material separator
    Hydro International: Efficient industrial water treatment at carrot facility
    Hydro International: Hydro MicroScreen™ for solids removal from wastewater

    Hydro International

    Municipal / industrial screens

    Manufactures combined sewer overflow separation systems, separation / screening products and screening equipment for handling and treating stormwater and wastewater flows. Most of the systems require no external power source or have any moving parts, reducing maintenance costs to virtually nil. CSO screening and separation are available for flows...
  • Hydro International: Lamella plate clarifier

    Hydro International


    Sedimentation systems are suitable for clarification and thickening processes in municipal and industrial waste treatment. Units are available in three standard versions, and in special versions for particular applications. Flow is controlled by means of openings at the top of the plate assembly, designed to create a pressure drop across the...
  • Hydro International: Zickert reciprocating sludge & scum scrapers

    Hydro International


    Provides scraping equipment for sedimentation plant. Scrapers can be adapted for use with existing tanks. Each consists of a bottom scraper, a surface scraper and a scum pipe, with separate power units allowing for independent operation and simplification of maintenance....
  • Hydro International

    Biological treatment

    Offers a range of modular packaged submerged aeration filters. Units consist of a series of cells containing modular cross flow media with fine bubble aeration tubes below. Also manufactures and installs packaged and custom-built sequencing batch reactors and activated sludge plants for wastewater treatment, as well as packaged systems for...