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Analytical Technology

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From it's headquarters in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes analytical instruments based on electrochemical and optical sensors. The company specialises in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements and the development of reliable monitoring systems. From it's European headquarters... Read more
  • Analytical Technology: Q45H-85 peracetic acid monitor
    Analytical Technology: Q45CT toroidal conductivity monitor
    Analytical Technology: Q45H/84 hydrogen peroxide monitor
    Analytical Technology: C10-77 / B10-77 laser particle counter
    Analytical Technology: PQ45 portable monitor and data-logger system
    Analytical Technology: Q45P/R AutoClean pH/ORP monitor

    Analytical Technology

    Liquids measurement

    Manufactures residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, pH, ORP / Redox, conductivity, turbidity, H2S, ammonia, residual sulphite and particle counting monitors. The monitors are installed in applications in water and wastewater treatment, ultrapure water, paper and board manufacture, food processing and any industry that uses or...
  • Analytical Technology: F12 Intrinsically Safe toxic gas transmitter
    Analytical Technology: D12 digital gas transmitters
    Analytical Technology: Q45S hydrogen sulphide monitor
    Analytical Technology: C16 PortaSens II gas detector
    Analytical Technology: A14-A11 GasSens modular gas detector
    Analytical Technology: B12 series 2-wire wet gas transmitter

    Analytical Technology

    Gas measurement

    Manufactures electrochemical sensors and gas detection systems. Mains-powered, battery-powered and portable versions are available for around 50 different gases. The fixed gas detection systems are, in many cases, available with an AutoTest system that removes the need for daily testing of the sensors with gas....
  • Analytical Technology

    Gas generators

  • Analytical Technology

    Particulates measurement

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    Technology House
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    OL3 5DE
    Call: 01457 873318