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Packaged compressor sets individually manufactured for specific site duties.

Main components carefully selected to conform to client’s specification and site requirements such as rotary screw, reciprocating or vane compressors either oil flooded or oil free, refrigerant, desiccant or membrane dryers.

Package layout detailed to suit site constraints such as access or height restrictions, weight limits etc.

The use of high quality equipment ensures proven reliability suitable for operation on both manned and unmanned sites

Packages manufactured for:

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Instrument Air

Intake Screen Backwashing


Reservoir/Lake Destratification.

Providing benefits including:

- Compact

- Pre-assembled

- Pre-wired

- Factory Tested

- Simple installation

- Easy access for maintenance

Media compressed Air
Compressor type Centrifugal compressors
Reciprocating compressors
Rotary screw compressors
Operation Air cooled
Oil free
Water cooled
Support services Inspection
Site survey

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