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PCE Instruments UK Ltd

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  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Particle counter PCE-PCO 2
    Particle counter PCE-PCO 2
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    PCE-PCO 2 is a portable handheld particle counter used to monitor particulate matter (PM) concentrations in the air. Designed to aid indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments, this particle counter also measures formaldehyde air...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Anemometer PCE-VA 20-SET
    Anemometer PCE-VA 20-SET
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    This impeller anemometer is a versatile environmental meter that can measure wind speed, flow, temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature. A set of round and square flow hoods is also available for...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Floor Scales PCE-PTS 1N
    Floor Scales PCE-PTS 1N
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    This is a mobile floor scale that efficiently weighs goods directly off the pallet truck scale: weighing and transporting merchandise directly during loading. weighing capacity of 2000 kg; powered by batteries – mobile and...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-TTC 30 thermocouple calibrator
    PCE-TTC 30 thermocouple calibrator
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-TTC 30 is a thermocouple calibrator used to simulate and measure thermocouples, current and voltage. It can be used to simulate different thermocouples as well as mV, and is suitable for many different thermometers...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-RE19P temperature controller
    PCE-RE19P temperature controller
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-RE19P is a temperature controller designed for complex control tasks. It features two outputs and two analogue inputs, and is capable of 15 programs. Optionally, it can be supplied with an additional analogue input...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-MSV 10 noise meter
    PCE-MSV 10 noise meter
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Applications: machine and equipment design; manufacturing; engineering; R & D; preventive maintenance. Key features: lightweight; ease of use; measurement range of 30 … 130 dBA; frequency range of 20 … 20000 Hz; real-time...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Industrial Scales PCE-PCS 30
    Industrial Scales PCE-PCS 30
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Powerful, accurate scales for industrial weighing: inventories. can indicate weight, reference weights and number of individual items on the scale; keyboard for inserting data; rechargeable battery; memory function; optional...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-VDL 16I data logger for machine vibration monitoring
    PCE-VDL 16I data logger for machine vibration monitoring
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The mechanical engineering data logger PCE-VDL 16I measures and stores relevant measured variables, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and light, as well as acceleration in three axes (by means of a...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Weighbridge PCE-EP 1500
    Weighbridge PCE-EP 1500
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    indutrial sector; warehouses; shipping; incoming goods. three ranges for high accuracy; accuracy ±0.05 % of current value; large display 25 mm; automatic calculation of tare value, manual insertion of tare value, adding...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Pyrometer PCE-TC 9
    Pyrometer PCE-TC 9
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    all types of industrial sectors. resolution 384 x 288 pixels; 3.0 megapixel digital camera; picture-in-picture function; thermal fusion; one-hand operation with motorized auto-focus; 4 adjustable measuring points; 3...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-228M food pH meter
    PCE-228M food pH meter
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-228 food pH meter is an easy-to-use handheld device for measuring pH, mV and °C. Readings can then be directly stored onto a memory card or transferred to a computer. The device can determine pH value, temperature or...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: Moisture Balance PCE-MA 110
    Moisture Balance PCE-MA 110
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    quality control - especially of granules, feed, pellets; industrial sector; laboratories; incoming goods control. heating chamber is heated by halogen lamps up to 199 °C; calculation of moisture content from the weight...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-CS 3000N crane scale
    PCE-CS 3000N crane scale
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-CS 3000N is a heavy-duty, digital crane scale designed for indoor industrial applications. It has a weighing capacity of 3000kg (3 tonne, 6613 Ibs) and is powered by a rechargable battery. The crane is supplied with...