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We supply a very wide range of chemical dosing systems for any chemicals.

Depending on the chemical type and consumption, these can be based on:

  • Bulk Storage tanks
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • Small - Medium volume tanks

Materials of contruction depends on the chemical(s) involved. We have plenty of experience using uPVC, cPVC, ABS, Polypropylene , Polyethylene and PVDF.

We include all necessary pumps (duty / standby if required), level and flow instruments etc. as required.

Our standard is to pre-assemble and Factory test as much as possible prior to delivery For small applications, this can include the whole system including the storage tank.

For IBC-based systems, we have developed a design that automatically changes the IBC that supplies the dosing pumps, but only when one IBC is completely empty.

We have built many hundreds of dosing systems that handle the whole range of chemicals normally used.

Please talk to us!

Type Bespoke rig
Packaged system
Installation Containerised
Frame mounted
Kiosk / cabinet unit
Panel mounted
Skid mounted
Trailer mounted
Wall mounted
Ancillary equipment Additive tanks
Calibration pots

Projects (2)

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  • H+E UK: Wastewater Treatment plant for BP
    Wastewater Treatment plant for BP
    H+E UK
    Project, 02 March 2018
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  • H+E UK: £1m wastewater treatment plant for industrial effluent
    £1m wastewater treatment plant for industrial effluent
    H+E UK
    Project, 30 October 2017
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Products (2)

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  • H+E UK: SecureChem™ IBC chemical dosing systems
    SecureChem™ IBC chemical dosing systems
    H+E UK
    Product, 09 December 2019
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  • H+E UK: IBC chemical dosing systems
    IBC chemical dosing systems
    H+E UK
    Product, 30 October 2017
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  • BP Gelsenkirchen Oil Refinery
    BP Gelsenkirchen Oil Refinery
  • IBC Chemical Dosing Systems
    IBC Chemical Dosing Systems
    4pp 1.9MB
  • Lamella Tube Settler
    Lamella Tube Settler
    6pp 1.92MB

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