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ARM Ltd is a privately owned company which began trading in 1947 as agricultural engineers. Operating from its head office in Rugeley, Staffordshire, ARM has been committed to the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems since the 1980s. Since then, the company has gained extensive experience and expertise in wastewater... Read more
  • ARM Ltd: Reedbed design and installation - ALDI RDC, Sawley
    ARM Ltd: Large reedbed for combined sewer overflow treatment
    ARM Ltd: Reedbed system for potable water sludge treatment
    ARM Ltd: Vertical reedbed system for municipal sewage treatment
    ARM Ltd: Surface water run-off solution for distribution centre
    ARM Ltd: Aerated saturated vertical flow reedbed for Thames Water

    ARM Ltd

    Reedbeds and wetlands

    ARM has been committed to the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems using constructed wetland technology since the 1980s. The company has extensive capabilities and experience of designing and constructing natural wastewater treatment systems for anything from an individual dwelling to a community of 25,000 people...
  • ARM Ltd: Aerated reed bed with FBA™ for small housing development
    ARM Ltd: Cutting-edge wetland treatment technology - Clabby WwTW
    ARM Ltd: Vertical flow aerated wetland for Severn Trent Water
    ARM Ltd: Success case studies using aerated reed beds
    ARM Ltd: Ferric sludge reed bed treatment for potable water
    ARM Ltd: Aerated vertical flow reed bed for Highland Spring

    ARM Ltd

    Biological treatment

  • ARM Ltd: Forced Bed Aeration™ for wetland wastewater treatment

    ARM Ltd


  • ARM Ltd

    Water treatment

    ARM Ltd undertakes significant asset management and refurbishment contracts with major water companies, private hospitals and industrial clients. Natural wastewater treatment systems act as filters for organic matter, trapping them within the matrix of the bed. After a number of years, these systems may clog up, leading to a reduction in treatment...
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