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  • Corgin: OdourScreen mobile odour control system
    OdourScreen mobile odour control system
    OdourScreen mobile odour control systems are designed for outdoor sites where rapid response to emergency issues, or constantly changing site activities and wind directions require an easily relocatable system. They are used...
  • Corgin: AtomisterAiro installed odour suppression & dust control
    AtomisterAiro installed odour suppression & dust control
    AtomisterAiro utilises a compressed air supply to produce an ultra-fine mist spray which combats both odour and dust. These systems are perfect for both highly targeted treatment and treatment of general airspace, whether...
  • Corgin: Odour control and dust suppression products
    Odour control and dust suppression products
    Corgin offers a range of odour and dust abatement products that work in various different ways using surface-active agents. Surface active agents impart a reduced surface tention to finely atomised micro-droplets, which...
  • Corgin: Self-aspirating spiral aerator for wastewater treatment
    Self-aspirating spiral aerator for wastewater treatment
    Spiral aerators provide efficient aeration with strong directional mixing in wastewater treatment systems. They are particularly useful in emergency situations where other aeration plant has broken down or needs...
  • Corgin: Vertex low-speed surface aerator
    Vertex low-speed surface aerator
    Vertex low-speed surface aerators offer constant efficiencies over the entire lifetime of the system, which can often be up to 30 years. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including tanks of any shape and...
  • Corgin: Rotex brush aerator for wastewater treatment
    Rotex brush aerator for wastewater treatment
    Rotex brush aerators are horizontal-shaft surface rotors used for oxygen transfer and directional mixing in wastewater treatment. Aerators are commonly custom-designed for installation in existing oxidation ditches or to...
  • Corgin: HyperClassic® mixing and aeration system
    HyperClassic® mixing and aeration system
    The HyperClassic® mixer and aerator is designed for use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It has the mixing efficiency of a HyperClassic® mixer but including an air sparger below the impeller to...
  • Corgin: FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers
    FlexAir T-Series Tube Diffusers from Corgin are generally chosen in applications with high airflow requirements, and/or in harsh wastewater environments, in removable or fixed grid configurations. The diffusers are...
  • Corgin: Turbo Blowers
    Turbo Blowers
    Corgin's freestanding Turbo Blower has 50% less of a footprint of some of its rivals. It is up to 40% more efficient than traditional positive displacement blowers, and up to 10% more efficient than other high speed turbo...
  • Corgin: Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    Wastewater treatment plant bio-augmentation
    What is Bio-Augmentation? Bio-Augmentation is the process whereby bacteria and other micro-organisms are dosed into a wastewater treatment plant in order to enhance or restart biological activity. Does it really work? The...
  • Corgin: MistCannon - mobile large-scale dust suppression
    MistCannon - mobile large-scale dust suppression
    Mobile MistCannons (aka fog cannons) provide a means for suppressing dust on a large scale with the generation and propulsion of a giant plume of fine water mist. They are used most commonly in the quarrying, demolition and...
  • Corgin: MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant is formulated to support high populations of facultative bacteria. These beneficial microbes occur naturally in most organic waste types, and readily function in both aerobic and anaerobic...
  • Corgin: AtomisterHyflo dust suppression system
    AtomisterHyflo dust suppression system
    AtomisterHyflo is a fixed system that generates an intense spray that efficiently overwhelms airborne dust emissions close to their source and dampens dusty surfaces. AtomisterHyflo consists of a high-pressure pump, header...
  • Corgin: CyberFlow Accelerator
    CyberFlow Accelerator
    The CyberFlow Accelerator is an advancement over conventional flow generators. It has been specially developed and optimized for the most energy efficient generation of horizontal flows in applications such as biological...
  • Corgin: Landox Flow Inducer
    Landox Flow Inducer
    Landox flow boosters are designed to provide horizontal flow propulsion in carousel and oxidation ditch lanes. They consist of a vertical-shaft with 16 radially-mounted fins suspended from a platform-mounted drive. These...