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  • Corgin: CyberFlow Accelerator
    CyberFlow Accelerator
    The CyberFlow Accelerator is an advancement over conventional flow generators. It has been specially developed and optimized for the most energy efficient generation of horizontal flows in applications such as biological...
  • Corgin: HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer
    HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer
    The HyperClassic® vertical shaft mixer is designed specifically for water and wastewater treatment applications, typically in suspension and homogenisation tanks. Its patented, hyperboloid-shaped impeller ensures complete...
  • Corgin: HyperDive® mixing and aeration system
    HyperDive® mixing and aeration system
    The HyperDive® mixing and aeration system was developed for demanding applications in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It provides efficient oxygen transfer and optimal mixing during the biological...
  • Corgin: Landox Flow Inducer
    Landox Flow Inducer
    Landox flow boosters are designed to provide horizontal flow propulsion in carousel and oxidation ditch lanes. They consist of a vertical-shaft with 16 radially-mounted fins suspended from a platform-mounted drive. These...