Project experience Subsea
Buildings / structures
Building services
Machinery / equipment
Chimneys / flares
Pipes / tanks
Technical experience Air leakage testing
Appliance testing
Borescope surveys
CCTV surveys
Debris retrieval
Energy surveys
Fiberscope surveys
Flow monitoring
Laser surveys
Leak detection
Location of underground services
Part L compliance
Roped access work
ROV surveys
Thermographic surveys
Ultrasonic surveys
Vibration monitoring
Video probe surveys
Visual inspection
Sector experience Commercial / civic

Inspectahire provides a range of inspection services for industrial and commercial clients, as well as selling and hiring inspection equipment.

Inspectahire provides a range of inspection services for industrial and commercial clients, as well as selling and hiring inspection equipment.


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  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Debris retrieval services
    Debris retrieval services
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    As well as carrying out inspections to identify the cause of problems, Inspectahire solves those problems by locating and removing debris found in places that cannot be accessed without a costly tear-down. By attaching a...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Fibrescope surveys
    Fibrescope surveys
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    A fiberscope is a flexible inspection device made from a fibre optic bundle. It transmits an image from a lens at one end to the users eyepiece at the other. Fiberscopes are made for industrial handling and are ideal for...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Tractor hire for pipeline surveys
    Tractor hire for pipeline surveys
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Inspection equipment tractors have either four or six wheels, are controlled and powered by an umbilical, and are fitted with zoom, pan and tilt cameras. Their rugged design allows them to carry out internal inspections of...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Ultrasonic surveys
    Ultrasonic surveys
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Ultrasonic surveys are a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that use vibrations of short wavelength and high frequency. Ultrasonic technology can be used to penetrate most non-porous resilient materials used in...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Submersible ROV hire for underwater work
    Submersible ROV hire for underwater work
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are underwater robots used for inspections as well as for recovery, cable burial, and search and rescue. Applications range from oceanography and fishing to civil engineering and security.
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Video probe surveys
    Video probe surveys
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Video probes can be used to inspect and record in the narrowest of spaces, including in pipework of all sizes, in ducting, and in wall and floor voids. Inspectahire uses video probes as small as 3.9mm (0.15in) in diameter.
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Borehole inspection equipment hire
    Borehole inspection equipment hire
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Inspectahire offers a range of borescopes for hire or on a contract basis. Borescopes require minimal set-up and are used to carry out surveys by accessing an inspection site through a small hole. Their rigid design makes...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Access platforms for difficult inspections
    Access platforms for difficult inspections
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Inspectahire has access to a number of platforms that are particularly useful for surveys and inspection work in hard to reach places. The company recently used Europe's highest platform to carry out an inspection on the St...

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