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Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

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Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd (PPM) manufactures and distributes instruments for water and wastewater quality management. On-line water quality testing equipment for water and wastewater applications is a speciality. Instrumentation applications include effluent, surface water, potable water and industrial process water. TOC Analysers The... Read more
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): ProAm ammonia monitor
    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): ProAm ammonia monitor with auto-clean and calibration
    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): Proam chloride monitor with auto-clean & calibration
    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): PROTOC 300 TOC analyser with MCERTS accreditation
    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): PROTOC® TL TOC analyser
    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): OFD-1 floating oil film detector

    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Liquids measurement

    PPM manufactures continuous on-line water analysers, suitable for water & waste water applications. The Protoc measures Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in real time which can be used to indicate organic loading & oxygen demand (COD). The Proam ammonia monitors can also be configured for continuous or interval measurement to report ammoniacal-nitrogen...
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): Bespoke monitoring stations

    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Bespoke industrial cabinets

    Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd provide bespoke enclosures including pre-installation of instrumetation. We are specialists with regards the supply of systems designed for water quality measurement providing real time control. Kiosks include lighting, heating, electricla and sample disytribution to each appaliance. Please contact us to discuss...
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): PROTOC® Spyder TOC analyser controller

    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Industrial automation and control

    Pollution & Process Monitoring provides water quality measurement instrumentation to identify process failures, non-compliance or pollution events in realtime which can be linked to real time control circuits The use of automatic diversion valve technology or DCS control panels can be used automate control and minimise risk. Water treatment...
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): ENV100: Sludge Blanket Level monitor using ultrasonics

    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Level measurement

    PPM manufactures continuous on-line water analysers, suitable for water & waste water applications. The ENV100 sludge blanket monitor uses a submersible sample probe and ultrasonic level measurement. The instrument is capable of tracking the sludge blanket (i.e. the interface between the sludge and the supernatum above). The depth below the sensor...
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM): Terminator discharge controller

    Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Valve interlocks

    Pollution & Process Monitoring ltd provide bespoke monitoring systems which can interface with Valve interlocks to arrest the flow of non-compliant water or to capture pollution....
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Gas measurement

    Pollution & Process Monitoring is the appointed UK distributor for JUM, Germany who manufacture FID (Flame Ionisation Detectors). Continuous, flame ionisation detectors are suitable for VOC / methane monitoring including stack gas emissions. The detectors use a small flame, fuelled by hydrogen or a hydrogen-helium mix, to ionise a gas and give a...
  • Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM)

    Process controllers

    PPM manufactures continuous on-line water analysers, suitable for water & waste water applications. The controller provides various control functionality such as limit condition volt free change over contacts, proportional PID control, frequency and pulse width control - depdensing upon instrument type. The Protoc measures Total Organic Carbon...
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