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  • Fike United Kingdom: Engineered bursting discs
    Engineered bursting discs
    Fike United Kingdom
    Fike has an extensive line of bursting discs. Flexibility of design, a wide range of materials and extensive bursting disc engineering expertise make Fike uniquely capable of building the precise products for your sealing,...
  • Air Products: Gases for industry
    Gases for industry
    Air Products
    From processes requiring the cryogenic properties of liquid gases to those relying on the inerting of atmospheres, Air Products CryoEase® Services' diverse product range can solve the problems associated with traditional...
  • Air Products: Gases for laboratories: analytical and calibration gases
    Gases for laboratories: analytical and calibration gases
    Air Products
    Air Products CryoEase® Services provides an extensive range of high-purity cryogenic and compressed gases, designed to suit the critical requirements of users in all analytical fields, including ICP/Arc-Spark spectroscopy...
  • Air Products: Gases for healthcare
    Gases for healthcare
    Air Products
    Air Products CryoEase® Services has been a major supplier to the biomedical industry for over 35 years. During this time, the company has developed a fully comprehensive service - from gas supply, laboratory design,...
  • Slurry Aeration Management Systems: Slurry air mixing system
    Slurry air mixing system
    Slurry Aeration Management Systems
    The slurry air mixing system is a simple and cost-efficient aeration system that is designed to keep stored sludge in a semi-liquid, hence pumpable condition, regardless of how long it has been in storage. The introduction...
  • Mettler-Toledo: M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter
    M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter
    The M400 single channel, multi-parameter transmitter features advanced ISM (intelligent sensor management) technology and supports pH/ORP, oxygen and conductivity measurements. Intelligent systems for pH and oxygen sensors...
  • Mettler-Toledo: InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor
    InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor
    Based on a chemo-optical measurement principle, the InPro 6880i dissolved oxygen sensor offers significant advantages for the biopharm industry. High operational availability, combined with excellent measurement quality,...
  • Goodwin Tanks: Stainless steel tank covers
    Stainless steel tank covers
    Goodwin Tanks
    Stainless steel tank covers are low profile (typically only 1°) airtight covers which use internal stainless steel column supports. They are particularly suited for potable water storage. They can be designed to withstand...
  • Goodwin Tanks: Stainless steel tanks
    Stainless steel tanks
    Goodwin Tanks
    Stainless steel tanks are ideal for water and wastewater applications, due to the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, depending on the grade of steel used. Without the need for any further protection, stainless...
  • Fullbrook Systems: DCP007 industrial photometer
    DCP007 industrial photometer
    Fullbrook Systems
    The DCP007 is an advanced dual-wavelength photometer designed to accurately measure the colour or concentration of light absorbing liquids and gasses from 350 to 1050nm (UV-VIS-NIR). A primary "absorbing" wavelength measures...
  • Fullbrook Systems: Kreis Dissolvers®
    Kreis Dissolvers®
    Fullbrook Systems
    Kreis Dissolvers® are industrial dissolvers which incorporate viscosity dependent automatic speed control to ensure optimum efficiency over the full power range. Kreis Dissolvers are available with motor power from 2.2kw/...
  • Fullbrook Systems: TC007 industrial turbidimeter
    TC007 industrial turbidimeter
    Fullbrook Systems
    The TC007 is a robust in-line turbidimeter designed for a wide range of industrial process applications. It uses the nephelometric method of turbidity measurement in accordance with ISO 7027:1999(E). The TC007 has...


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  • Eliminate COVID-19 -Bio-Oxygen Air Sterilisation System
    Eliminate COVID-19 -Bio-Oxygen Air Sterilisation System
    Minimise the risk of cross infection of COVID-19 by constantly sterilising and cleaning surfaces. Bio-Oxygen eliminates virus on surfaces continually working 24/7, using your building ventilation to transfer Oxygen Clusters into the space. These Oxygen Clusters constantly disturpt the virus, puncturing the cell surface and elliminating it...
    Bio-Oxygen Europe, 20 March 2020 News
  • New Aquatreat website launched
    New Aquatreat website launched
    Aquatreat Environmental Products Ltd, a leading single-point centre for the supply (hire and sales), repair and maintenance of high-quality, affordable treatment systems for water, wastewater and effluent, has launched a new website....
    Aquatreat Environmental Products, 26 February 2020 News
  • MSE Hiller achieves 100% rating for Achilles UVDB
    MSE Hiller achieves 100% rating for Achilles UVDB
    MSE Hiller has received a very strong set of assessment results from Achilles with a clean sweep of 100% for all the assessment results for the management system evaluation and onsite assessment. The UVDB certificate is valid until 30 September 2020....
    MSE Hiller, 26 February 2020 News


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  • Infrarail 2020
    First staged in 1994, Infrarail is firmly established as Britain’s leading showcase for every aspect of railway infrastructure technology and expertise, with a strong reputation for attracting managers, engineers and buyers at the highest level. Railway infrastructure in the UK is a busy, exciting and challenging market. As well as...
    Mack Brooks Exhibitions, 12 May 2020 Event