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  • Utile Engineering Co: Vacuum priming pumps for dewatering sets
    Vacuum priming pumps for dewatering sets
    Utile Engineering Co
    Vacuum priming pumps for dewatering sets comprise a range of robust flood-lubricated machines. Products are able to run continuously giving flows between 5 and 645m3/h. Vacuums up to 950mbar are available for fast automatic...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Continuous air mixing systems
    Continuous air mixing systems
    Utile Engineering Co
    Continuous aerobic mixing systems are designed to operate in SAS, thickened sludge and buffer tanks. They provide aeration to keep solids in suspension during the various phases of the sludge treatment process. They can be...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Centrifugal gas boosters
    Centrifugal gas boosters
    Utile Engineering Co
    Centrifugal gas boosters have a robust construction and are designed to run continuously under full load conditions while handling a wide variety of gases or air. The shaft is sealed to isolate the bearings when boosting...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Air/gas compressors
    Air/gas compressors
    Utile Engineering Co
    Air/gas compressors include oil-free air compressors, Atex compliant air compressors and vacuum pumps, side-channel compressors and exhausters, and vibration-free compressors. Applications include digester gas mixing, gas...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Sattler double membrane gas holder
    Sattler double membrane gas holder
    Utile Engineering Co
    Sattler double membrane gas holders are low-pressure dry gas storage tanks designed for sewage treatment plant, industrial waste and farm waste applications. They have a low maintenance and easily installed design, and call...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Rotary blowers
    Rotary blowers
    Utile Engineering Co
    Rotary blowers are positive displacement sliding vane machines designed with a slotted rotor mounted eccentrically in the cylinder housing blades, manufactured from a special grade of carbon. The cylinder bore is honed to...
  • Samson Controls: Type 3755 Pneumatic Volume Booster
    Type 3755 Pneumatic Volume Booster
    Samson Controls
    A new solution to a long-standing problem: linear characteristic of bypass restriction; constant reversing pressure; various versions with different dynamics; threaded exhaust air connection; protective cover. The...
  • Samson Controls: Type 3738-20 Electronic Limit Switch with solenoid valve
    Type 3738-20 Electronic Limit Switch with solenoid valve
    Samson Controls
    Smart Valve Monitor - Type 3738-20 Electronic Limit Switch ??Automation of on/off valves; ??Compact attachment acc. to VDI/VDE 3845 with integrated air lines; ??Two-wire supply from just one NAMUR contact; ??Intrinsically...
  • Samson Controls: Type 3730-6 Electropneumatic Positioner (HART®)
    Type 3730-6 Electropneumatic Positioner (HART®)
    Samson Controls
    The integration of control valves into the DCS technology determines the accuracy of the control loop and is decisive for the cost and quality of the final product. This integration is a prerequisite for effective...
  • Euroby: Polypropylene filter plates
    Polypropylene filter plates
    Euroby offers a range of polypropylene filter plates are with standard recessed or membrane inflation. They can also be supplied with cloth wash and cake discharge systems. The company provide filter plates both to press...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Positive material identification services
    Positive material identification services
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Inspectahire provides positive material identification (PMI) services for a range of applications from construction to medical equipment. The company uses the latest PMI technologies which enable fast, non-destructive...
  • Inspectahire Instrument Company: Pulsed eddy current testing (PECT) services
    Pulsed eddy current testing (PECT) services
    Inspectahire Instrument Company
    Pulsed eddy current testing (PECT) has been developed to detect corrosion hidden under insulation. Inspectahire provides a PECT services using the latest non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment from MAXWELL. These products...


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  • Bürkert UK evolves into process valve partner
    Bürkert UK evolves into process valve partner
    Bürkert UK is evolving into a process valve partner with a £1m expansion of its ex-stock product range. Aiming to minimise the complexity of process control projects in a number of industries. it has massively increased its product range and its UK stock-holding for standard everyday process products. Bürkert now holds a wide variety of the more...
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, 18 January 2019 News
  • Siltbuster launches new lamella settlement tank
    Siltbuster launches new lamella settlement tank
    Siltbuster Process Solutions, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of treatment systems for the municipal and industrial wastewater sectors, has unveiled the latest addition to its range of lamella settlement tanks – the HB50M. The HB mobile unit effectively removes suspended solids from wastewater, using inclined plates to maximise the settlement...
    Siltbuster, 17 January 2019 News
  • Protect dust and odour suppression equipment in winter
    Protect dust and odour suppression equipment in winter
    Freezing temperatures can cause problems with dust and odour supression units. Corgin has put together a video to ensure you know how to drain your mobile dust and odour suppression units. Colin Hutchins, Corgin's Technical Manager, explains how to prevent frost damage, where possible, what to do...
    Corgin, 03 January 2019 News
  • WPL CPDs
    CPD lunch and learn seminar presented by specialists on wastewater treatment solutions for the utilities industry. 3 RIBA-accredited CPD seminars in wastewater treatment solutions. The presentations include key information for architects, civil engineers and facilities managers who are involved with specifying solutions in sewage treatment or...
    WPL, CPD


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  • Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019
    The UK's largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition: thousands of engineering and electronics solutions on your doorstep; full programme of free technical seminars supported by SMS, MAS-SE, Engineering Solutions and Electronics Sourcing; pre-register to receive a free show catalogue (otherwise £10); ample...
    European Trade & Exhibition Services, 05 February 2019 Event