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Wastes management - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Corgin: MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant
    MNC solid waste bio-stimulant is formulated to support high populations of facultative bacteria. These beneficial microbes occur naturally in most organic waste types, and readily function in both aerobic and anaerobic...
  • Patersons of Greenoakhill: Waste recycling services
    Waste recycling services
    Patersons of Greenoakhill
    Patersons provides cost-effective and efficient services for the collection, recycling and disposal of all types of waste material. Patersons sole landfill operation is located near Mount Vernon in Glasgow, where the...
  • MSE Hiller: Smicon SMIMO120 depackaging machine
    Smicon SMIMO120 depackaging machine
    MSE Hiller
    The SMIMO120 was developed for separating large quantities of foodstuffs from its packaging with the organic part being cut/ground. The machine separates the organic content on one side of the machine from the remaining...
  • Cheema Civil Engineering: Landfill services
    Landfill services
    Cheema Civil Engineering
    Cheema provides a range of products, as well as complete turnkey packages for the effective prevention and mitigation of pollution, the treatment of leachates and the remediation and engineering of landfills and contaminated...
  • Higgins & Hewins: Multiple chambered, controlled air, batch incinerators
    Multiple chambered, controlled air, batch incinerators
    Higgins & Hewins
    Multiple chambered batch incinerators are designed to accommodate mixed waste streams, while complying with the higher temperatures and residence times that are required by environmental agencies. They are programmed for...
  • Process Combustion: Regenerative thermal oxidiser
    Regenerative thermal oxidiser
    Process Combustion
    Regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTOs) offer high destruction efficiency of VOCs, combined with extremely high energy efficiency. This high thermal efficiency enables the unit to operate at very little or zero fuel input.
  • Process Combustion: Recuperative thermal oxidiser
    Recuperative thermal oxidiser
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustions recuperative thermal oxidisers have a high destruction efficiency capability, and are combined with integral heat recovery systems to reduce operational cost. They can handle varying solvent...
  • Process Combustion: Thermal oxidiser, thermal energy plant, Scottish Leather
    Thermal oxidiser, thermal energy plant, Scottish Leather
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustion have designed and supplied a thermal oxidiser, boiler and gas clean-up system for the £6 million thermal energy plant at Scottish Leather Group’s manufacturing site at Bridge of Weir, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Cheema Civil Engineering: Packaged sewage treatment services
    Packaged sewage treatment services
    Cheema Civil Engineering
    Cheema has developed compact, cost-effective packaged treatment plants for the treatment of sewage, industrial effluent, groundwater and landfill leachate, which are simple to use and easy to transport. The company hires out...
  • Alpheus Environmental: Tankered waste services for Wilkin & Sons Ltd
    Tankered waste services for Wilkin & Sons Ltd
    Alpheus Environmental
    Through its tankered waste services Alpheus has been supporting Wilkin & Sons with the disposal of liquid waste from their jam making process for nearly twenty years. In response to its commitment to minimise the company’s...
  • Cheema Civil Engineering: Vacuum sewerage collection services
    Vacuum sewerage collection services
    Cheema Civil Engineering
    Vacuum sewerage and effluent collection systems offer an attractive alternative to conventional installations, particularly where housing density is low, local conditions are difficult, or flows are highly variable from, for...
  • Process Combustion: Direct-fired thermal oxidisers
    Direct-fired thermal oxidisers
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustions direct-fired thermal oxidisers provide extremely high destruction efficiency of high-concentration waste gas and waste liquid streams. The waste streams, in some cases can be injected through the burner...
  • Higgins & Hewins: Econabator catalytic oxidiser
    Econabator catalytic oxidiser
    Higgins & Hewins
    The Econabator catalytic oxidiser offers a proven technology to meet today’s stringent air emission standards. It will treat air streams containing volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP). The...
  • Process Combustion: Thermal oxidiser and process heater, Dickinson Legg
    Thermal oxidiser and process heater, Dickinson Legg
    Process Combustion
    Process Combustion installed a thermal oxidiser and process heater unit for Dickinson Legg, a designer and manufacturer of primary tobacco processing machinery and plant.
  • Halcyon Environmental: Spray-applied Alternative Daily Waste Cover (ADC)
    Spray-applied Alternative Daily Waste Cover (ADC)
    Halcyon Environmental
    Alternative Daily Waste Cover (ADC) is a spray-applied durable, non-flammable and erosion resistant coating. As well as removing the need for traditional daily covers, it also; mitigates odours; conserves air space; reduces...
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