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GEMÜ Valves

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GEMÜ is a leading manufacturer of valves, measurement and control systems for liquids, vapours and gases. Global market leader in solutions for sterile applications. Founded in 1964; family-owned; six manufacturing locations; 1900 employees.... Read more
  • GEMÜ Valves: GEMU 550 - hygienic stainless steel globe valve
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 490 - PFA lined butterfly valve with bare shaft
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 491 - PFA lined butterfly valve, pneumatic actuator
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 497 - PFA lined butterfly valve, manual actuator
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 498 - PFA lined butterfly valve, motorised actuator
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ valves for boron decontamination of drinking water

    GEMÜ Valves

    Industrial valves

    Manufactures ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, globe and solenoid valves. Actuator options include electromagnetic, pneumatic, motorised and manually operated valves. Body material varies to suit application. Aseptic stainless steel diaphragm valves are suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverage and bio-tech applications...
  • GEMÜ Valves: Sterile valve applications - eye ointment production
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ PFA lined butterfly valves for API pharmaceuticals
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 653 BioStar - manually operated diaphragm valve
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 650 BioStar pneumatically operated diaphragm valve
    GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 654 BioStar - manually operated diaphragm valve

    GEMÜ Valves

    Sanitary / hygienic pumps

  • GEMÜ Valves: eSyDrive electric actuators for complex process control

    GEMÜ Valves


  • GEMÜ Valves: GEMÜ 490 butterfly valves in Wastewater Treatment Plant

    GEMÜ Valves

    Water / wastewater / effluent pumps

  • GEMÜ Valves

    Flow measurement

    GEMU flowmeters include: turbine flow transmitters; magnetically inductive flowmeters; variable area flowmeters; ultrasonic flowmeters....
  • GEMÜ Valves

    Pressure measurement

    Pressure measurement devices, pressure transducers and pressure switches. Ultra pure designs available....
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