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Separo deliver solids control, industrial waste and wastewater treatment services. The company delivers its services through three highly experienced divisions; Separo's Solids Control Services (SCS) division has been supporting drilling operations for over 30 years, optimising drilling fluid performance & improving drilling efficiency... Read more
  • Separo: Centrifugal separation systems for drilling
    Separo: Centrifugal industrial separation systems



    Supplies separation systems for municipal and industrial sludge handling applications. Custom-designed hydrocyclones apply a centrifugal force to liquids causing fine particles to move downwards to a discharge point. High speed disc stack separators are designed for liquid / liquid or liquid / solid separation where the solids content does not...
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    Custom-built conveyor transport systems for industrial applications worldwide. Systems convey drilled cuttings and slurries from solids control systems to secondary separation treatment or to containers or skips for disposal. Units are manufactured from heavy grade steel and can handle up to 70 tonnes/hour....
  • A. Head office
    Westpoint House
    Arnhall Business Park
    Prospect Road
    AB32 6FJ
    Call: 01224 249220
  • B. Netherlands Office
    Oostoeverweg 19
    1786 PS Den Helder
    Call: +31 (0)223 637014