Compressors move gases, including air, processes gases and waste gases, using a large increase in pressure. Blowers , by contrast, move gases using a moderate increase in pressure. Read More

Compressors are used in all industries. Applications range from propelling gases through pipelines to powering pneumatic tools. They are also important components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

There are two key considerations for specifiers:
- The suitability (reliability / efficiency) of the technology to the actual project requirements.
- The total life costs of the installation, including energy and maintenance costs.

Where air quality standards are paramount, such as in food manufacturing or semi-conductors, oil-free compressors are an option.

Variable speed drives control the speed of the compressor motor, potentially reducing energy consumption by a substantial amount.

Refrigeration and desiccant type dryers remove water vapour from the compressed gas. 

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Industrial compressors - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Sulzer: HST™ turbocompressor
    HST™ turbocompressor
    The HST™ turbocompressor has an advanced design with magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter. HST™ turbocompressors are used in wastewater treatment plants and other...
  • Sulzer: Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA
    Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA
    Located in New Haven County, Connecticut, in eastern USA, the wastewater treatment plant in Meriden has a design inlet flow of 43,911 m3/day (11.6 mgd) with a maximum inlet flow of 143,386 m3/day (38.0 mgd). Upgraded in the...
  • Atlas Copco: AirConnect™ aftermarket service
    AirConnect™ aftermarket service
    Atlas Copco
    AIRConnect™ is an aftermarket service that links compressed air systems to a sophisticated, highly automated, 24/7 internet-based monitoring system. AIRConnect™ increases the availability and reliability of operators’...
  • Burckhardt Compression: NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors
    NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors
    Burckhardt Compression
    NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors are manufactured to comply with the specific requirements of the petrochemical and the chemical process industries. Four models are available. The PMK series has a flow capacity of...
  • Burckhardt Compression: Laby®-GI compressor
    Laby®-GI compressor
    Burckhardt Compression
    As a result of several years of development with MAN Diesel, Burckhardt offers the Laby®-GI compressor. It is a non-complex system with sophisticated controls, and low operational and maintenance demands. The Laby®-GI is...
  • Burckhardt Compression: API 618 process gas compressors
    API 618 process gas compressors
    Burckhardt Compression
    Burckhardt Compression provides a robust and reliable process gas compressor of Swiss design and manufacture. It complies with the individual application requirements of the API 618 specifications, and is is available...
  • Gardner Denver: PureAir oil free / oil-less air compressor
    PureAir oil free / oil-less air compressor
    Gardner Denver
    The unique design of the PureAir Series assures long life and productivity. A continuing program of product research and development assures that each Gardner Denver compressor includes the latest advancements in oil-less...
  • Quantum Engineering Developments: Compressor Packages
    Compressor Packages
    Quantum Engineering Developments
    As compressed air specialists with detailed knowledge of its clients requirements, Quantum Engineering Developments is able to detail, manufacture and install the packaged systems for an extensive range of requirements and...
  • Atlas Copco: LF 2-10 oil-free piston compressor
    LF 2-10 oil-free piston compressor
    Atlas Copco
    LF 2-10 oil-free piston compressors deliver cool operating temperatures while offering superb quality air. Their automotive design and high-quality materials ensure reliable performance and extra long life. They afford...
  • Burckhardt Compression: Laby® labyrinth piston compressor
    Laby® labyrinth piston compressor
    Burckhardt Compression
    The Laby® is an extremely reliable piston compressor that features a labyrinth sealing on its piston and piston rod gland, allowing oil-free and contact-free operation. It offers extended meantime between overhaul, improving...
  • Burckhardt Compression: Hyper compressor for ethylene production
    Hyper compressor for ethylene production
    Burckhardt Compression
    Burckhardt Compression has manufactured the Hyper compressors for over 55 years. It can be used to handle ethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate or co-monomers. The Hyper compressor is a high-pressure reciprocating compressor for...
  • Industrial Blower Services: Biogas compressors
    Biogas compressors
    Industrial Blower Services
    Industrial Blower Services (IBS) offers new biogas compressors for use in the treatment of sewage sludge. IBS is the European agent for Hammond biogas compressors (now Blackmer). IBS can also supply machines from all of the...
  • Aerzen Machines: VMT 2 stage screw compressors
    VMT 2 stage screw compressors
    Aerzen Machines
    VMT 2-stage oil-free, high volume compressor packages have pressure outputs up to 10.5 barG, and flows up to 2100 m3/h (200 Kw). They cam be air- or water-cooled. VMT 2-stage oil-free, high volume compressor package sets can...
  • Atlas Copco: AQ oil-free rotary screw compressor
    AQ oil-free rotary screw compressor
    Atlas Copco
    The AQ rotary screw compressor delivers 100% oil-free clean air. Atlas Copco was the first manufacturer to receive ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2001) certification for compressed air quality. AQ compressors are water-injected...
  • Atlas Copco: ZH 4000-26000 oil-free centrifugal compressor
    ZH 4000-26000 oil-free centrifugal compressor
    Atlas Copco
    ZH 4000-26000 centrifugal compressors afford low installation, operating and maintenance costs as well as high dependability and ease of use. Systems provide consistent and reliable air supply, and include air intake filter...
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Industrial compressors- helping you find the best companies for your project.