Compressors move gases, including air, processes gases and waste gases, using a large increase in pressure. Blowers , by contrast, move gases using a moderate increase in pressure. Read More

Compressors are used in all industries. Applications range from propelling gases through pipelines to powering pneumatic tools. They are also important components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

There are two key considerations for specifiers:
- The suitability (reliability / efficiency) of the technology to the actual project requirements.
- The total life costs of the installation, including energy and maintenance costs.

Where air quality standards are paramount, such as in food manufacturing or semi-conductors, oil-free compressors are an option.

Variable speed drives control the speed of the compressor motor, potentially reducing energy consumption by a substantial amount.

Refrigeration and desiccant type dryers remove water vapour from the compressed gas. 

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Industrial compressors - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Sulzer: HSR oil-free turbocompressor
    HSR oil-free turbocompressor
    Using a high-speed, premium-efficiency motor and digitally-controlled magnetic bearings, the oil-free HSR compressor range offers excellent wire-to-air efficiency and gives the maximum amount of compressed air for energy...
  • Sulzer: Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA
    Upgrading to more effective aeration: Meriden, USA
    Located in New Haven County, Connecticut, in eastern USA, the wastewater treatment plant in Meriden has a design inlet flow of 43,911 m3/day (11.6 mgd) with a maximum inlet flow of 143,386 m3/day (38.0 mgd). Upgraded in the...
  • Sulzer: HST™ turbocompressor
    HST™ turbocompressor
    The HST™ turbocompressor has an advanced design with magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter. HST™ turbocompressors are used in wastewater treatment plants and other...
  • Atlas Copco: Planned maintenance service packages
    Planned maintenance service packages
    Atlas Copco
    Atlas Copco offers a range of service agreements that make it easy for companies to plan, cost and control production processes. Serviceplan™ - three types of agreements are available. The first is a complete maintenance...
  • Atlas Copco: Rotary drum dryers MDG & MD & ND
    Rotary drum dryers MDG & MD & ND
    Atlas Copco
    MDG, MD & ND rotary drum dryers deliver cost-effective dry and oil-free air. Ideal for food & beverage, power generation, pharmaceuticals and other critical processes. They are environmentally friendly and cost-effective...
  • Utile Engineering Co: Centrifugal gas boosters
    Centrifugal gas boosters
    Utile Engineering Co
    Centrifugal gas boosters have a robust construction and are designed to run continuously under full load conditions while handling a wide variety of gases or air. The shaft is sealed to isolate the bearings when boosting...
  • Atlas Copco: GA VSD rotary screw compressors
    GA VSD rotary screw compressors
    Atlas Copco
    Our GA oil-injected screw compressors bring industry-leading performance, flexible operation and high productivity, reduced enargy costs at a minimal cost of ownership. A wide range of compressors enables you to find the air...
  • Burckhardt Compression: HAUG oil-free trunk-piston compressors
    HAUG oil-free trunk-piston compressors
    Burckhardt Compression
    Burckhardt Compression (UK) Ltd is a representative for HAUG in the UK and Ireland. HAUG Kompressoren AG is a market leader for oil-free and dry-running reciprocating compressors with patented oil-less trunk-piston designs...
  • Atlas Copco: Air energy audits
    Air energy audits
    Atlas Copco
    Atlas Copco offers a flexible energy auditing plan, which involves regular assessments by the company service engineers. Status reports identify the actions required to keep plants operating effectively and efficiently.
  • Atlas Copco: LF-MED oil-free piston compressor
    LF-MED oil-free piston compressor
    Atlas Copco
    LF-MED oil-free piston compressor stands for exceptional reliability and extremely low investment costs. Easy to maintain, compact design, maximum installation flexibility. Outstanding performance and an extra-long life.
  • Atlas Copco: EWD condensate drains
    EWD condensate drains
    Atlas Copco
    The range of EWD electronically controlled condensate drains is synonymous with safe, dependable and economical management of condensate. The drain monitors condensate build-up using liquid level sensors and releases the...
  • Burckhardt Compression: Laby®-GI compressor
    Laby®-GI compressor
    Burckhardt Compression
    As a result of several years of development with MAN Diesel, Burckhardt offers the Laby®-GI compressor. It is a non-complex system with sophisticated controls, and low operational and maintenance demands. The Laby®-GI is...
  • Burckhardt Compression: Hyper compressor for ethylene production
    Hyper compressor for ethylene production
    Burckhardt Compression
    Burckhardt Compression has manufactured the Hyper compressors for over 55 years. It can be used to handle ethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate or co-monomers. The Hyper compressor is a high-pressure reciprocating compressor for...
  • Quantum Engineering Developments: Compressor Packages
    Compressor Packages
    Quantum Engineering Developments
    As compressed air specialists with detailed knowledge of its clients requirements, Quantum Engineering Developments is able to detail, manufacture and install the packaged systems for an extensive range of requirements and...
  • Burckhardt Compression: NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors
    NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors
    Burckhardt Compression
    NSB liquid-ring vacuum compressors are manufactured to comply with the specific requirements of the petrochemical and the chemical process industries. Four models are available. The PMK series has a flow capacity of...
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Industrial compressors- helping you find the best companies for your project.