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Althon Ltd is part of the MAG Group and specialises in the design, treatment and management of surface water run-off from all types of construction sites. The company's extensive product range allows engineers and contractors to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective drainage system design. Althon Ltd also offers the latest innovations... Read more
  • Althon: Heavy- and medium-duty penstocks
    Althon: Precast headwalls with bespoke penstocks for reservoir
    Althon: PHA-G hand stop gates
    Althon: Medium duty 100mm penstock
    Althon: Medium duty 125mm penstock
    Althon: Medium duty 150mm penstock



    Althon Medium Duty Penstocks can be used in Surface, Sewer and Process Water applications. They are a Simple and Highly Effective way to Prevent Water Backflow into a system. Althon Medium Duty Penstocks have been developed for the majority of situations where a Penstock is required. Medium Duty Penstocks are suitable for sealing pressures of 5MwC...
  • Althon: Althon HDPE 100mm flap valve
    Althon: Althon HDPE 150mm flap valve
    Althon: Althon HDPE 250mm flap valve
    Althon: Althon HDPE 300mm flap valve
    Althon: Althon HDPE 400mm flap valve
    Althon: Althon HDPE 500mm flap valve


    Industrial valves

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