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Cowens Ltd has over 190 years of experience, and provides solutions for health, safety and environmental issues. Pollution control hardware (bunds, booms, skimmers, pumps, separators, tanks, forecourt and by-pass interceptors, oil detection) and spill clean-up consumables are available. Cowens is also a Level 3 Accredited oil spill response... Read more
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    For open water where wind, currents and waves are present, the air buoyancy chain ballast curtain booms are best. They can confirm to swells and their circular cross section makes them resilient in winds and water currents. Their smooth profile makes oil recovery and boom cleaning easy. An inflator is required. Booms can be stored on boom reels...
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    Oil and chemical absorbents in all formats and sizes. Spill kits made to order form holdall bags to containers. Cowens Ltd manufacture their own range of Oilsorb-Ultra absorbents with very high tensile strength and absorbency....
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    Flexible and temporary tanks

    Self-erecting, open-top, portable storage tanks are available for oil, fuel and potable water storage. Manufactured in polyurethane, tanks are fitted with valves for filling and discharge. Self-erecting, frameless polyurethane storage tanks are suitable for portable and rapid response uses....
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    Grit and silt removal

    Unique Cowens Silt Screen filter media. 8mm galvanised chain ballast in keel pocket. Closed cell polyethylene foam in top buoyancy pocket. 10mm polypropylene rope through screen for anchoring. 1.5m depth suitable for most water depths near construction activity. Other depths up to 5.5m available. Disposable filter media keeps replacement costs...
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    Industrial oil / water separators

    Oil-water separator units are capable of handling liquids at a rate of up to 25m3/h, conditioning water for its return to source. Debris is screened in a sludge settling tank and liquid is then passed through a polypropylene coalescing filter where oil is trapped. Remaining water is passed through a polishing filter. Oil that is weired off is...
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    Liquids measurement

    Floating oil-on-water monitoring systems detect oil by means of an infrared light source in continual operation. Systems comprise a detector head mounted on corrosion-resistant polypropylene floats, connected by cable to an indicator and alarm. They can be used to manage external pollution control equipment such as skimmers....
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    Packaged liquid filtration

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    Pollution remediation

    Offers comprehensive, specialist services in the areas of contaminated land remediation and brownfield development. The company carries out initial non-intrusive site investigations as well as detailed, intrusive investigations. These can be followed by remediation strategies and site verification, including validation and closure reports...
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    Weir skimmers are suitable for use by mobile emergency response units. Intake is by a hydrostatic weir operation which allows for substantial throughput. Drum skimmers collect pollutants by means of a variable speed, rotating drum made from polypropylene with oleophilic properties. Fixed and floating variants are available. Mop skimmers collect...
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    Water / wastewater / effluent pumps

    Offers advanced specification 2" peristaltic pumps, able to handle both light and viscous liquids, solids and sludge. Pumps can run dry and have excellent priming characteristics. Flow rates up to 20m3/h can be achieved. Drive options include petrol, diesel, hydraulic, electric and water turbine - the latter being intrinsically safe....
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