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Delta-T Devices

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Established in 1971, Cambridge based Delta-T Devices specialises in instruments for environmental science, in particular: eco-physiology, data logging, meteorology, soil moisture, solar energy studies and environmental monitoring. Delta-T Devices instruments measure, monitor and record variables needed by scientists and engineers. Our policy is to... Read more
  • Delta-T Devices: SM150T - soil moisture and temperature sensor
    Delta-T Devices: ML3 ThetaProbe - soil moisture and temperature sensor
    Delta-T Devices: PR2 - soil moisture profile probe, analogue version
    Delta-T Devices: EQ3 Equitensiometer - matric water potential measurement
    Delta-T Devices: WET-2 Sensor - rootzone moisture / nutrient measurement
    Delta-T Devices: PR2 SDI-12 - digital profile probe for soil measurement

    Delta-T Devices

    Soils measurement

    Delta-T Devices is a market leader in soil moisture monitoring, with more than fifteen years experience of providing researchers with high quality soil moisture and temperature sensors. Our range of sensors incudes the “gold standard” ML3 ThetaProbe soil moisture sensor, highly respected by scientists and researchers worldwide for its exceptional...
  • Delta-T Devices: SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer - solar radiation measurement
    Delta-T Devices: BF5 Sunshine Sensor - solar radiation measurement
    Delta-T Devices: Polar research expedition uses Delta-T SPN1 Pyranometer
    Delta-T Devices: SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer used to monitor active volcano
    Delta-T Devices: Delta-T Pyranometer monitors 100MW solar farm in China
    Delta-T Devices: WS-GP1 compact weather station

    Delta-T Devices

    Meteorological measurement

    Delta-T Devices designs and manufactures rugged research-grade automatic weather station systems - complete with integrated datalogger, for measuring and recording weather conditions at remote sites. We have systems suitable for both portable use or permanent installation. Our weather stations can be enabled for GPRS communication. The company...
  • Delta-T Devices: DL2e datalogger - remote or lab environmental monitoring
    Delta-T Devices: GP1 - general purpose and soil moisture datalogger
    Delta-T Devices: GP2 - advanced datalogger and controller
    Delta-T Devices: DeltaLINK-Cloud online data viewing and sharing platform
    Delta-T Devices: Humidity measurement for research into crop cultivation

    Delta-T Devices


    Delta-T Devices has produced high quality data loggers for over 25 years. Over that time we have built up a wealth of experience in the design of accurate, reliable, low-powered, weather-proof loggers. Delta-T Devices data loggers are versatile and are cover applications across scientific research, environmental monitoring and manufacturing. Data...
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