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Air Products is a worldwide supplier of industrial gases and equipment, specialty and intermediate chemicals, and environmental and energy systems. Air Products has a wealth of experience in the waste and water treatment area. The company offers a range of gas based applications as well as consultancy for process requirements in the following... Read more
  • Air Products: Halia® Aeration System LOX high-rate oxygenation
    Air Products: Halia® Modular Aeration VSA high-rate oxygenation
    Air Products: Wastewater oxygenation, Courchevel ski resort
    Air Products: Landfill leachate treatment, Wales

    Air Products


    Provides process design, equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment. Includes automated systems that comprise high rate oxygenation and aeration equipment. They provide efficient removal of COD, BOD, ammonia and sludge solids for food, paper, chemicals, rendering and waste management industries, and offer solutions to problems such...
  • Air Products: SBR oxygenation, United Utilities, Hereford

    Air Products

    Biological treatment

    Offers robust and efficient oxygen dissolution and mixing technologies within bioreactors, overcoming the mass transfer limitations of supplying dissolved oxygen to living processes in the aqueous phase. Aerobic processes use high purity oxygen to supply a constant dissolved oxygen environment to wastewater and other biological processes in order...
  • Air Products: Halia® Advanced Oxidation System using HiPOx™ technology

    Air Products

    Chemical injection systems

  • Air Products: Halia® pH Neutralisation system

    Air Products

    Gas dosing systems

  • Air Products: Halia® Modular Ozone generation

    Air Products

    Gas generators

    Provides ozone and oxidation process technology to the water industry. With many years experience, the company has developed technologies to optimise the efficiency and cost of chemical oxidation. The range of oxygen generators produces high purity oxygen, and requires only a power supply. Oxygen generators can be used to feed oxidation processes...
  • Air Products: Landfill leachate treatment, Workington

    Air Products

    Pollution remediation

  • Air Products: Halia® Oxygen sludge digestion

    Air Products

    Sludge digestion

    Oxy-Dep SD, an ASD process enhanced by the use of high purity oxygen, allows the following: • partial disinfection and pathogen kill by operation at thermophilic temperatures (45-65°C) • the production of a stable sludge with excellent dewatering properties • much reduced digester retention times (and so smaller digester volumes) compared with...
  • Air Products

    Industrial gases

    Provides a wide range of cylinder gases for low, medium and high volume users in industrial, medical and laboratory environments. Gas supply is backed up by a full range of support services, including installation, maintenance and regular inspection. Also supplies gas handling equipment....
  • Air Products

    Water treatment

    Provides process design, equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment. Products range from simple oxygenation in biological treatment, to complex advanced oxidation using ozone-based processes for difficult wastewaters. Sludge digestion provided by an aerobic biological process provides a rapid decrease in sludge solids, and a...
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